Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Image by Laura Burlton

Oh, I'm such a tease! Well, it's maybe not quite as good as shoes (good guess though Mum), but I am still very excited to announce that I have a wedding graduate post up on A Practical Wedding today. Yay!

Although wedding planning is definitely fun (dresses! shoes! pretty pictures!), it isn't always easy. You don't often hear people talking about how your wedding is not going to be "perfect" (but how that's ok); how it is the marriage, not the wedding, that really counts; and how stressful, overwhelming and, occasionally, lonely it is to be The Bride. That, for me, is where A Practical Wedding comes in. I found Meg's blog when I was in the very depths of wedding planning despair and it kept me going when I was ready to hurl my lovingly handcrafted place settings out the window. It is my Favourite Wedding Blog Ever.

So I am extremely honoured to "officially" become a part of Team Practical, and just hope that my post might provide a little morsel of comfort to some other bride out there who, like me, might be doubting herself or her choices. To that bride: Don't worry! It's your wedding! Whatever you do, it will be amazing!

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Oh, and if you have arrived here via A Practical Wedding, hello and welcome - it's lovely to have you here. Please, come in, take off your coat, have a look around. Make yourself at home. 

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  1. Oooh how exciting; ill have to go and have a look.

  2. Congrats! Going to look at it now...

  3. stopping in from APW - loved your wedding grad post. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh, you know what? I don't think I got around to commenting on your post there. But I read it and I loved it.

  5. I read your post and then you came to my blog! What a small world!

  6. Thanks so much everyone! All your lovely comments are so appreciated (bonus points to Esme for going as far as actually plugging my blog on APW - thanks lady!)

    Meghan, I started following you through the Better in Real Life blogroll but had "seen you around", if that doesn't sound too weird... Love your blog, oh and congratulations!!

  7. would you mind changing the link from my flickr account to my website pretty please? Thanks for the photo credit, I love to share my work!


  8. Of course Laura, no problem! It's a beautiful image.