Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If I hadn't already done the maths last year, I'm not sure I would have believed this was our tenth Valentine's Day together. 

Ten? Already? 

Fuck. We are old.

Happy Valentine's Day, Finster. I love you more than Smidgen loves sleeping. (A lot.)

Print from Not on the High Street. I wanted to get Fin this card, but I couldn't bring myself to look at it without mentally pencilling in an extra "U". Seriously, it's like a curse.

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  1. Thanks gorge that is a lot. I love you tons happy valentines day.

  2. Do you know how long I've been staring at that top image thinking "I know I'm bad with this stuff but where the hell is she putting that extra u?" Far too long!

    Happy Valentine's

  3. a quick calculation tells me this in the 47th Valentines Day I've spent with my current beau! We've got a painter in the kitchen, a handyman putting up sheet rock in the living room and await the arrival of the squad to put new floors in the guest bedrooms...oh yes we know how to celebrate!

  4. Do you know what? We've had three Valentine's days together, Bedders and I, and we realised last night that we've been engaged for ALL THREE. Jeez. Fast movers.

  5. Damn those Americans and their weird spelling. Gets to me too!

  6. Dear god, yes. I actually bought a marker pen to correct the official builders' signs where they're building a bridge along my road. My boss thought he was going to have to bail me...