How to channel your inner 12-year-old

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1. Belatedly notice that all the cool kids are wearing friendship bracelets. Decide you must have one immediately.

2. Go to John Lewis (other haberdasheries are available) and buy bumper pack of budget embroidery thread because you're too cheap to splash out on the good stuff.

3. Spend three days deciding which colours to use.

4. Realise you spent so long choosing colours that your only crafty friend has gone away on holiday so you're going to have to make your OWN FRIENDSHIP BRACELET. Cringe.

5. Find helpful tutorial online. (Not mine, obviously. I'm talking about an *actual* helpful one.)

6. Painstakingly make bracelet. Continually make stupid mistakes and have to unpick it. Curse the day friendship bracelets were ever invented.

(Pro tip: If you can, make the bracelet half a centimetre too long, but don't realise until after you've finished the bracelet and snipped all the end bits off and it's too late to change it. This bit's brilliant!)

7. As soon as slightly wonky bracelet is finished, log onto internet and discover the cool kids have officially declared that friendship bracelets are so over. Sigh.

8. Belatedly notice that all the cool kids are wearing [insert pretty much anything here]. Decide you must have one immediately.


It's an arm party and YOU'RE INVITED!

P.S. I know it looks like I'm smuggling a badger up my jumper or something, but I think it's just a weird perspective. Or a weird jacket. One or the other. Also, that is a zip pocket that has left that lovely imprint on my hand. Great. And you wonder why I don't post more pictures of my outfits?

P.P.S. I nearly forgot, I have a guest post up on Red Boots! Wendy asked a few of us to write something on the topic of Our Favourite Things, while she is busy looking after her new favourite thing, little baby Elsie. There are no raindrops or kittens, but there are sequins, puddles and Smidgen adopting a weirdly demure pose. You know you want to.

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  1. Ah! Finally. It's taken ne 15 mins to get this far from goggles reader on phone!

    I wish you told me about this, I had an actual "business" at school selling these! I made some recently for my BM's gift boxes! Do you want another? I can do all sorts of patterns! :)

    (can't believe they were cool again and i missed it!)

  2. Who wants to be doing what the cool kids are doing? You need to be *ahead* of the trend! So maybe you are so ahead of the friendship bracelet trend that it looks like you've just missed it...

    Hmm. Or maybe you should just not care and where pretty bracelets that you made yourself? Well done!

  3. I am loving the look... but I am way more interested in those leopard print jeans! More information please! x ps I'll make you another bracelet and then you'll be even cooler!

  4. What? Friendship bracelets were COOL again? I think I still have one in my jewellery box from the first time around. Retro friendship bracelets would surely elevate me to ridiculously uber-cool?!

    I want an arm party like yours. My arms feel lonely.

    K x

  5. I did love seeing all the students at my work in friendship bracelets and did consider digging out my old ones to wear but now I hear they are out again...

    I like the one you made yourself - very pretty!

  6. gosh, I missed the boat on this one. I had NO idea that they were popular again. Too bad because I loved having all of those colors of embroidery floss neatly organized in my little bin back when I was in grade school.

  7. To paraphrase the great philosopher Justin Timberlake, you're bringing friendship bracelets back (again).

  8. AHA - leopard troos! Heart!

  9. It's unfortunate that the friendship bracelets have become unfashionable again as I have a source of cheap labor who love to make them, if only to prepare for summer camp. You could always describe their output as direct-source, fair trade items... since distinctly amateur bracelets in return for the occasional bags of Percy Pigs seems like a fair trade (to the girls)

  10. Screw the cool kids, you are rocking it girl. X

  11. Screw the cool kids, you are rocking it girl. X