Sunshine after the flu

Friday, February 10, 2012

And now I feel almost human again. I might even be sufficiently recovered to tell you about my freezing, flu-ridden, wonderful holiday sometime, if you're interested. Generally speaking, I find reading or hearing about other people's travels excruciatingly dull but, obviously, my own are endlessly fascinating. Much like children, I imagine.

Or like sick leave! Everyone wants to hear about what I've been doing on my sick leave, am I right? Well, I'm so glad you asked. In between sleeping, sweating, shivering and sweating, I managed to engage in the following mindless activities:
1. Wish I lived the kind of life where I could don a full-length orange (red? coral? persimmon?) skirt to waft around in a park
2. Enter the Yoke screen print giveaway on Zoë's blog (which I once notoriously and, I think, quite accurately described as sunshine on toast) and groan at some seriously awful jokes. Apart from my joke, of course, which previously won me a tie break in an inter-office pub quiz. Thank you, nameless child in Fin's old class from whom I stole it. 
3. Lust after everything in Jane Gowans' Valentine's pop-up shop. Especially the small stacking rings *cough* hint hint *cough* 
4. Lose myself in all the stunning FLOWERS on Amy Merrick's gorgeous FLOWER blog *cough* HINT HINT *cough*
Oh dear, looks like my cough hasn't quite disappeared yet, after all.

Happy weekend, peeps. Any exciting plans, possibly involving wafting around parks in full-length orange skirts?

{Images: 1. Atlantic-Pacific 2. Hello Sunshine print by Yoke 3. Illustration by The Grey Earl, photography by What Kristen Saw, jewellery by Jane Gowans 4. Amy Merrick}

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  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better, coughdrop! I saw that peplum-ed beauty too, am now on the quest for something in coral for #pendo. My weekend is going to involve fancy dress (which is exciting, but I have now realised means I have to forfeit any personal style this evening), booking a holiday and going to see the Muppet Movie.

    Hope Valentines Santa brings you something awesome!


  2. Ooh that Valentine's pop up shop looks ace!

    Hope you are feeling better.