Behind the scenes at A Safe Mooring

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Truly great photographs like the one above don't just happen, you know. To misquote the great Dolly Parton, it takes a lot of time and effort to look this half-arsed. And you can't expect The Talent (that's me, obv) to just stand around trying out different hand positions all day. I've got people to see, places to go, Pens to Do. So in these situations, I turn to my trusty stand-in.

Oh dear. Fin, what is that hand position all about? You need to create some shape, dahling.
And is that a snood I spy on that chair?

The hand! It's giant! Zoom out, zoom out!

Oh yeah, you nailed it! Quick, somebody tell The Sartorialist to get himself 
round to my living room.

Thumbs up from the crazy leopard-print lady.

We really know how to have a good time in my house.

(By the way, if you're looking for some genuinely helpful photo tips, Lauren McGlynn has been doing an amazing series called Photography According to Lauren. It's brilliant and incredibly helpful. You're welcome.)

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  1. Thank you for the photography tips! I've only recently bought a DSLR so loving this kind of stuff right now :) I'm not sure if my manpanion would be such a willing stand-in though! (Although, funnily enough, we actually met actually met while we were BOTH being stand-ins on How To Lose Friends and Alienate People; he was actually a runner/Simon Pegg's stand-in, I was a lowly extra for the day!)

    1. Oh my god it's like Love Actually! Except, you know, without the sex part.

      Manpanion may be my new favourite word.

    2. Ha! You know what, I'd never even realised that - and I LOVE Love Actually! PS. Won't lie, I stole the word manpanion from Jezebel.

  2. I think Fin has clearly got a future as a hand model. For real.

    also xxx you're being so good to me today. you really want sugar in those muffins don't you? I feel like that sounds dirty somehow but never mind.

  3. You clearly know how to have as banging a time in your house as we do in ours. Our current 'thing' is seeing who can make the most realistic horse noise. Our coolness knows no bounds.