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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gorgeous photography! Great design! DOGS WEARING CLOTHES!

It's like they invented it just for me.

Meet Houndworthy, for all your quality hipster dog goods. Need an on-trend geometric collar and matching lead? Of course you do. Need a distressed canvas vintage French postal dog bed? Mais oui. Need a white 100% cotton doggie bandana decorated with painted fish flies? Um, yes, you do. IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?

I'm not joking with this. I know it can be hard to tell.

Smidgen, if you weren't getting a disgusting chunk of meat for your Christmas, and I had a spare several hundred pounds, you would be getting everything that Houndworthy has to offer. I declare it officially worthy of my hound.


A dog wearing antlers looking happy
→ Dogs dressed as Santa looking miserable
Smidgen totally needs a new jacket. I mean, she only has two.

All images via Houndworthy. Not a sponsored post, I just like to imagine I have the kind of life where I can spend all my money making Smidgen look even cooler than she already does.

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  1. Given that I already spend about 80% of my wages on stuff for Flash this is a very dangerous discovery. Thank you. And, yes, the photo's are gorgeous. Off to peruse the site now!

  2. What a great shop! It's hard to find stylish things for dogs - although I did get a great collar and tag from Etsy for quite a good price last year. Gotta have a stylish pooch!


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