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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yesterday, somewhat abruptly, Fin became an uncle. His nephew came 9 weeks early and gave us all a fright. Weighing in at just three and a half pounds, he's a teeny scrap of a thing, with a difficult journey ahead of him. But he's here. He is so loved. He's being given every ounce of care and support that can possibly be given.

Today's topic for the Blog Every Day in November project is "workspace". I had a vague idea to share inspirational pictures of my fantasy working environment: a creative, collaborative space, notable for its excessive amount of windows and abundance of hot pink. The kind of place I could waft around wearing cool outfits and doing unspecified creative things that mysteriously paid me lots of money.

Oh, hello, Perspective. Thanks for stopping by.

Instead of waxing lyrical about some imaginary other life, I'd like to say a very real thank you to the midwives and doctors and nurses (including my amazing sister-in-law) who work tirelessly to bring new lives safely into this world. Thank you for taking care of my other amazing sister-in-law, and thank you for making it physically impossible not to cry at every single episode of One Born Every Minute, damn you.

Welcome to the family, little one. Your auntie and uncle are rooting for you.

Maternity ward in Essen, 1960, by Simon Müller via Wikipedia Commons, courtesy of the German Federal Archive

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  1. I completely second everything that you said above. They do such a phenomenal job. When my nephew was born at the beginning of the year, he was very very ill, and the kindness and compassion that was showed my family was wonderful. Every single one of them – from the cleaners that brought us cups of tea, to the professors who explained it all to us, was part of an incredible team of people. I have no idea how people stay cheerful and positive when working in such difficult situations on a daily basis, but I for one am so very, very glad that they do.
    Sending so many positive thoughts and good wishes to your nephew and family xx

  2. Thank you so much - hope your nephew is doing well x

  3. My thoughts go out to you and your family, I hope the little fella is home soon, safe and well.

  4. Keep fighting little one. Huge respect for the people who do these jobs, really puts my spreadsheet stress-outs into perspective

  5. Thinking positive thoughts ,hang in there wee man.

  6. My man has a few little nephew too born last week. Babies galore! Midwifes are amazing, what I job they do

  7. Oh my - they are amazing folk. Hope your nephew and sister in law are doing well.

  8. "mysteriously paid me lots of money" Sounds about right, how does that work! I feel somewhat selfish for picking art over nursing. Congratulations to your sister in law ect. xE


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