A productive weekend

Monday, January 23, 2012

You remember that damn snood I've been knitting for weeks? Well, this weekend I finally finished it. Hooray! I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how proud I am. But just look at it, all grey and snuggly and perfect. Perfect from certain angles, anyway. I hope winter lasts forever so I can wear it all the time! And no, please don't remind me I said that when it's snowing in July.

If anyone wants to whip themselves up something similar, I used about a ball and a half of this wool in 'Wren' and I'd be happy to share my completely made-up and not-remotely-professional pattern. If I can remember it. Just email me.

(I'm not pregnant in that picture, by the way; that's just how I stand. Ask Lauren.) 

In other weekend news, I packed for my ski holiday. Oh, I didn't mention my ski holiday? Yeah, I'm going on one. With Fin, and my parents, and my brother and his girlfriend and his friend and his girlfriend and a van full of wine. I suspect we'll need it. 

We're not actually leaving until next weekend, but my dad is driving said van all the way to the French Alps  this week with our bags and skis and snowboards (and wine) onboard, thus saving us approximately ten billion euros in easyjet baggage fees, so we had to pack this weekend. This makes a change from my usual packing procedure, which consists of making endless lists of all possible holiday capsule wardrobe combinations until it's midnight the night before departure and I'm desperately cramming damp clothing into a bag because I've been too busy making lists to actually do anything productive, like washing.

Actually, that's pretty much exactly what happened this weekend. It just happened six days before departure instead of six hours. Whatev, I still call that an improvement.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?

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  1. My sister in law informed me at Christmas that I look like the sort of person who ought to wear a snood. Ever-suggestible, I am now looking to buy one. Maybe I will try to learn knitting for the 25678 th time as you manage to look both snug AND smug in yours. Gorgeous! And swayback-if that's your standing posture you should think seriously about Pilates!


  2. That looks brilliant! I would love the pattern, to add to my long list of things I'd like to do when I have any time at all. It would also go very well with my cosy grey jumper and hat :)
    Holiday sounds amazing, enjoy

  3. Your snood looks great.

    It sounds like your holiday will be great! I hope you have a brilliant time.

  4. wow, that sounds really fun! i'd drive anywhere with my family in a van instead of suffering Airport Hell anyday!

  5. ah i finished knitting my first ever pair of wrist warmers this weekend. have poor sewing up skills though so waiting for mum to give me a wee lesson. i am deffo up for your snood pattern though- did you do it on circular needles? shall give it a bash now i am not wedding planning so have weekends back!



    That's deserving of many exclamation points.

  7. I am so tempted by a snood. The ends of my long snuggly scarf keep blowing in the wind and it's getting really annoying.

    In weekend news, I watched a lot of telly and hosted a tea party, complete with pink doilies and a giant french fancy!