New Year's Irresolution

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We take New Year's Eve seriously, here in Scotland. One bank holiday is simply not enough to do it justice. We need two, damn it. Finally, the one day of the year when I get to experience a little Bank Holiday Smugness of my own! Take that, May Day! In your face, St Andrew's Day! They can take my August bank holiday, BUT THEY'LL NEVER TAKE MY SECOND OF JANUARY!!


Unfortunately, I have been so busy luxuriating in what feels like my twentieth straight day of gorging on cheese, downing prosecco and rotating around different couches that I haven't really addressed the fact that a new year has, in fact, started. 

2012, you say? Already? Are you sure?

Is it a bad sign that I haven't made any resolutions this year? Everyone I know seems to be busy shredding their Christmas decorations with one hand and nibbling edamame beans with the other, all while doing laps of the park and plotting their route to world domination. I, meanwhile, am focusing my energies on lounging around, bathed in the faded glow of a drooping, decaying tree, counting down the hours and minutes until the next episode of Sherlock. As someone who usually believes lists are the answer to all questions, I fear my lack of any sort of What To Do In 2012 List does not bode well.

It's not like I haven't got *any* goals, though. I mean, I'm contemplating possibly knitting myself a snood. And of course, there's always Don't Kill The Dog. Mustn't forget that one.

Yeaaahhh, I'm not sure that's going to get me very far. Anybody made any good resolutions that I can steal and pretend I thought of them myself?

{Fireworks by Lucy Stendall, whose new website is AMAZING and for whom 2012 promises wonderful things. If you're looking for a wedding photographer, I highly recommend checking her out. I would bet a lot of money she's not sitting on a couch eating cheese.}

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  1. I think resolutions don't need to start with the new year. We had loads in October/November that we woucld not put into place until now, we just used the New Year as a chance to write them down.

    Also traditionally you have until at least twelfth night to keep up the relaxing, drinking and cheese eating as we have not had all twelve days of Christmas yet. Enjoy!

  2. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)4 January 2012 at 09:30

    Oh God, I read this just after taking
    down the Christmas decorations this morning (I wake up too early for the paper delivery); then I was admiring an advert for a "healthy" M & S meal with, guess what endame beans! Plus I am just about to go out to my aqufit class...which I haven't been to since pre-chemo days in 2010!! So guess I have been sucked into the New Year-is -over brigade. You have 24 days till the ski holiday.... start knitting that snood!

  3. I might be running but I started before the new year so I'm stil just as slack on the New Years resolutions as you. I keep trying to come up with resolutions, but they're all a little too depressing to put on the internet, like: really stick to never eating starches again.... :( Do you know what starches are? Starches are everything that tastes good, unless we're talking cheese- and I'm not allowed that either. I told you this was depressing.

    Happy New Year Kirsty! xx

  4. On the snood, rather than edamame beans of which I have nothing say apart from ugh, if you don't already have a pattern you check out A Stitch in Time which has some great patterns. I bought the v2 of a Stitch in Time for my mum for Christmas in my time honoured tradition of buying people presents I really want myself. My favourite patterns: the gay bolero *snorts* and a beach knitwear halter-neck. Only in 50's Britain could people design a knitwear halter-neck! If it's that cold folks a)don't go to the beach b) if you go wear a jumper not a halter-neck

  5. @rowanjanuary I just spent thirty seconds trying to work out what "snorts" were. I though it must be like a cross between a snood and a pair of shorts, but I couldn't figure out how the hell that would work, or where the gay bolero part would fit into it... the mind boggles.

    Clearly, my brain is still in holiday mode.

  6. I am currently also sofa bound, still recovering from my dose of ladyflu. I have no plans for world domination, nor do I have any great plans for a fitness regime. Quietly getting through the month before we push forward with house moving is more than enough for now. Oh, and blogging 30 posts in 30

  7. All my fitness resolutions are so I can fit into my holiday clothes for honeymoon in February!
    Although I know I'll be off the bandwagon soon...

  8. As a fitness instructor, I am off the sofa in a bid to try and make as much money as possible before everybody collapses back on their sofas mid-February. Did you know that you're 30% more likely to succeed in your aims if you make them a New Years resolution? I wonder if I'm 30% more likely to read Anna Karenina this year....


  9. This makes me feel slightly better that yesterday I was genuinely surprised when someone said it was 2012. New Year has somewhat passed me by this year in a haze of Christmas fat and shingles! My goals are more to do with this new life I am starting on rather than the new year, but I think they are: be braver. Be less fat. Have adventures.

  10. Want. Moar. Holidaze.

    Those are the entirety of my thoughts on the matter after a couple full days back at work.

  11. Fewer bellyaches and more grinning-so-much-it-actually-looks-like-you're-gurning.

    2012 is going to be a good year. I can feel it in my bones.

  12. I have re-read this thread twice and still haven't figured out what a snort could be. Never mind a bolero snort. Or a gay bolero one, for that matter. But I'm still on holiday. That's my excuse.

  13. Ah, third time lucky. Now, ahem. Back to that holiday.

  14. my best friend and I have always made hilariously fantastical resolutions, like "flirt with that pizza delivery guy" and "get drunk at the admiral theater and cab home"

    you know, ones that are hard to break :)

  15. I've had 'get thin' on my list for about twenty years. I managed it once in my sixteen to eight stone in two years days but now I know wedding dresses are corseted I'm like 'CARE'. Saying that I bought up M & S'a supplies of chicken tikka (3 for 2) and am loving a whole meal instead of maltesars and a brew. Lunch on the run. Without the running.

    We're also buying a house. Only four more years of deposit saving to go.

    What else? To shave my legs. I forget in December EVERY YEAR. And to not have any nights out that result in waking up Snuggling with a KFC mega bucket and crispy strips in my hair. One drink and the fat girl comes right on out....