Not just any other wedding

Friday, September 09, 2011

I know I said I wasn't going to post today, but I'm in a weddingy mood, and I think you'll forgive me when you read this.

Remember this post that I wrote, a lifetime ago, about Sophie? For those who are new around here, or those who haven't googled "douche canoe" recently and therefore haven't read that post (it's worrying how many people do that), Sophie writes a blog that shares the tale of her experience with breast cancer.

Back when I wrote that post, I had been especially moved by this amazing comment by her boyfriend, in response to the revelation that she would need a mastectomy. Seriously, read it. You might cry.

On Saturday, after many months of illness, baldness and having bits chopped out of her body, Sophie threw a party. A long-awaited, much-deserved party, to celebrate - finally - the end of her treatment.

Reason enough to celebrate, more than enough. But then this happened:

I haven't been so thrilled about an engagement between two people I didn't know since, well, ever. Huge, heartfelt congratulations to Sophie and DadJokes. If anyone deserves a bit of happiness, it's you two. And if anything is guaranteed to bring light and joy and healing on even the darkest of days, it's a wedding.

(It will also bring batshit-crazy relatives and overpriced, pointless tat, but hey, you can't have everything.)

Happy weekend, peeps.

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  1. So yeah. I'm tough and didn't cry - yeah that would be a lie.


  2. oooh, so happy for Sophie. Made my day! xx

  3. No one more deserving of such happiness! Love the pictures of the proposal in steps!

  4. ahhh, this is almost as lovely as the day itself! Thank you for the post and all the lovely comments. And how cute is my dad?! xxx

  5. What a bright start to the weekend! XOXO

  6. Sophie, your dad is the cutest. He looks like he might just burst with pride. It's heart-melting stuff.

  7. that is SO COMPLETELY adorable. i love the steps!

  8. your comment at the end about batshit crazy relatives and pointless tat just made me spit coffee on my trackerpad. i love both the term 'batshit crazy' and 'tat'. yay for sophie!

    ps. i love that sign- i want a 'yay lorna woohoo' sign for my kitchen...