On with the dance

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I'm off to London tonight, and more than a wee bit excited about tomorrow's Any Other Party. My outfit is packed. The deed is done. No going back. If you want to know what I ended up choosing, well, you'll just have to wait and see.

I'm never quite sure what I think of London. Do I love it or loathe it? I can't tell. It's crowded, dirty, unfamiliar, overwhelming. Cultured, glamorous, limitless, dazzling. It's wild young things in butterfly colours, wankers in city suits. It's everything to everyone, but I'm not quite certain what it is to me.

Whatever it is, I expect to have a damn fine time.

I'm not taking my laptop with me, so no post tomorrow. Those of you on twitter, keep an eye out for #AnyOtherParty, if you feel so inclined. I'll be back next week with all the gossip. See you then.

Images: 1. Stanislaus S Longley (1927) 2. Donna Muir and Su Huntley (1987) 3. James Fitton (1937) 4. Clifford Ellis and Rosemary Ellis (1936) 5. Stanislaus S Longley (1933), all via the London Transport Museum poster collection. I do love a good vintage travel poster.

7 boats moored

  1. Have a wonderful time. I hated London at first, it was big and smelly and a little scary and then one day it wasn't, one day it was the home that I don't live in. Now I love it.

  2. Kirsty we welcome you to London. Happy travelling & see you tomorrow.

  3. Oh I love London except for the prices. And maybe all that rain. But still. Have a great time !

  4. Undeniably frustrating, endlessly fascinating. I've been here seven years. Seven years is a long time to have never been bored. But it's also a long time to have had your life hijacked by the sheer size of a city.

    They should re-launch those travel posters. They're beautiful.

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow! x

  5. and I on behalf of London (I'm their new spokesman don't you know) we will welcome you.


  6. bah i hate london. i especially hate when people say 'oh that's just because you don't know it well enough...'

    but i'm sure you'll have a wonderful time! enjoy Any Other Party!

  7. Exciting! I've seen the talk of it on Twitter and wished I could go, even though I am just a boring old American. Have tons of fun!