Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's a moose loose aboot my hoose. Unfortunately, in person (in mouse?), it didn't look particularly like the ones in this picture. It looked more like a sneaky fucking evil mouse of doom. It wasn't even wearing a scarf.

Just you wait, mouse. We'll see who's looking smug once the dog gets here.

{Mama & Papa Mouse from Splendid Willow Avenue}

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  1. So jealous you're getting a dog!

    We've had mice before. I had to chase them around the room whilst James knelt on the kitchen worktop. To 'observe'.

  2. Well if you do find you're dog is a scaredy-cat - I can offer my killer cat or myself.

    I just want a trip to Scotland!!

    (If you are going to try and trap them - peanut butter all the way.)

  3. Eeeww, I've had the mouse experience at our previous place. Let me tell you, nothing clears out a gathering faster than a mouse running by! And someone just spotted a mouse at my office so now there is a trap under my desk that I pray doesn't catch anything.

    And you're getting a DOG??? I'm already busting with excitement for you!

  4. Anna is right - peanut butter will get that little bugger shortly. Just make sure it's not the all-natural type, that doesn't work (based on field trials in Rebecca's flat when we were in grad school).

  5. My dog is actually scared of mice. But then he's also scared of the hoover, bicycles and an assortment of other strange, non-threatening things, so that might just be him...

  6. Rosie (aka Kirsty's Mum)29 September 2011 at 22:16

    Just make sure it doesn't run up the inside of your trouser leg like a certain bastard little mouse did to me!! In a mother-type like comment, don't mice appear when there is a little bit of dirt around??? Only kidding xxxx

  7. You're getting a dog! How did I miss this?? When, what, how?


    PS How dare those mice go out without their cardigans and mittens on....

  8. The mouse has remained in hiding. I have remained in denial about its existence.

    Mum, I don't know what you're talking about. My flat is always in immaculate condition. Ahem.

    Penny, full details on the dog to follow soon!!

  9. ick.

    mice are so adorable. until they're evilly roaming your house.

  10. Umm I am not sure if you ever talked about being or not a cat person, and I know you are getting a dog, but have you considered getting a cute little kitty ? Also, cats are a lot happier in apartments, than are dogs, unless of course you have a garden. But maybe you are a cat hater ? In any case... hope the mouse leaves where it came from...