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Monday, November 04, 2013

I don't get much time to myself these days. I'm either at work, surrounded by lawyers; in North Berwick, surrounded by family; or at home, surrounded by Smidgen (greyhounds have a limited concept of personal space). Being with Fin is almost like being alone - after 11 years together, he is so much a part of the fabric of my life that he's more like a very friendly cushion than a separate human being - but sometimes a girl just needs to be alone with herself and her weird habits. Not even the friendliest cushion wants to see you picking the dead skin off your feet.

My personal list of strange solo behaviour mainly revolves around taking otherwise normal activities to an extreme level. If I have the flat to myself for an evening, I'll listen to the same song on repeat twenty times. I won't just watch one episode of Mad Men, I'll watch seven. I'll try on outfits for imaginary social occasions until every item of clothing I own is strewn across the bed and the wardrobe is nothing but an empty wasteland where wire coathangers go to die.

The weirdest thing, though, is the edible portion of the evening. Well, I don't think it's weird, but Fin disagrees. That's why I wait for him to be working late, or out at a support group for people whose spouses compare them to soft furnishings ("Doctor, doctor, my wife thinks I'm a pair of curtains!" "Pull yourself together." BOOM BOOM), before creating my number one guilty pleasure meal.

This top secret dinner-for-one follows the same simple theory as the rest of the evening: why stop at one unhealthy ingredient? Essentially, it consists of a mountain of pasta, slathered in olive oil and covered with a generous handful of grated mature cheddar. On top of - not beside - this steaming mound of carbs and fat sits the crowning glory: a crisp, golden chicken kiev, oozing pre-made garlic butter. To really take the fat-fest to the next level, I like to drizzle the garlicky oils from the baking tray over the whole thing then eat it on the couch, preferably in front of my eighth episode of Mad Men.

As meals go, it's childish, lazy and absolutely terrible for me, but oh, if it isn't delicious. I would feel worse about it if I didn't know that Fin's go-to meal for one was macaroni cheese from a box. Vom.

Does anyone else have a gross meal that they secretly love? Tell me I'm not alone here.


Image from The Knotty Bride. Warning: that link contains adorable puppy pictures. Just so you know.

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  1. Macaroni shapes from a box, preferably while watching Glee (p can't stand it....fair enough). :P also grilled cheese with avocado. Because ommmmmm nom nom. Your dinner sounds delicious and enjoyable.

    1. Ooooh, grilled cheese and avocado sounds like a good one!

  2. I tend to do pasta with a whatever is in the fridge sauce, topped with cheese. And entertainment wise my current favourites are Youtube karaoke videos and/or Pitch Perfect (usually twice back to back).

  3. I want to try your solo dinner IMMEDIATELY. It is genius.

    I have so many - the boy doesn't eat fish so my solo meals are either pure comfort food (of the mash potato or pasta variety) or fish based. Sometimes both. I've been known to cook myself a KILO of mussels with creamy cider and bacon sauce, then dig in with a side of McDonalds fries. Life is too short to wait for french fries to cook in the oven.

  4. I'm all about the pasta when Rob goes out. He doesn't like chilli or cheese (why are you marrying this man? I hear you ask), so I cook the biggest mountain of pasta, drizzle is in olive oil, tons of salt and then add chilli puree and more parmesan than you have ever seen. The parmesan and chilli stick to the pasta and creates spicy, cheesy awesomeness. So good!

  5. Your comments are all making me really, really hungry. Is it too early for pasta?

  6. I do the song on repeat and binge TV viewing too when I'm home alone. I sadly don't have a go to dinner for one but am now craving all the pasta!

  7. Stuffed pasta and pesto covered in cheese is my go-to. The addition of a chicken Kiev sounds marvellous, and I'll need to try it next time. Mac and cheese from a box horrifies me, I'm with you. So gross. Pasta goes nicely with obscure documentaries on BBC4.

  8. I had been feeling a little sad about my solo dinner options after reading food blogger suggestions here A Cup of Jo: Eating Dinner Alone but now I shall proudly declare that boiled eggs and soldiers are my solo dinner choice (soldiers must be made from cheap white bread with lashings of butter).

    Chicken kiev juice also works wonders on a pile of mashed potato....

  9. I am hungry now.

    I do the binge watching thing too, also with Mad Men. Also binge reading.

  10. Pasta + cheese (or fried stuff with cheese). Every. Time.

  11. Mmmmmm sounds fantastic. My "go to" meal for one is fishfingers! Love them. Yum

  12. Yes to the solo dinner and OH YES to the repeat playing of songs (and optional dancing accompaniment). I was SO guilty of this during my teens - "You get what you give" - New Radicals and "Steal my Sunshine" - Len were a couple of forgotten gems that I've just remembered...

  13. Minus the cheese, I've had this exact same meal. Probably while watching Mad Men.
    *adopts salute stance*

  14. For me it is spaghetti hoops on toast topped with all the cheese or a fish finger sandwich. Or I make a really nice dinner. That always feels super weird. Then I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and/or The OC lots (and lots and lots) and I also try on EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. I also try and stay in the house as much as possible. I am so lame at being alone.


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