Dear Santa

Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I would like:

1. To get a good night's sleep.

2. To look and feel vaguely presentable, bearing in mind that my definition of "vaguely presentable" has relaxed considerably since the time you brought me those pink GHDs.

3. To accept that I am old and boring and that all I really want to do is curl up with a good book and a packet of biscuits.

To that end, I would not cry if any of the following made their way into my stocking.

1. Comfort and joy, £28 each, Fat Face 
2. A hairdryer that isn't held together with parcel tape would be a nice change. I don't have a link because electrical items, zzzzz.
3. Silk sleep mask. Hello, my name is Elizabeth Taylor. £24.50, Silk Sleep
4. I wore Tocca Giulietta (pretty, delicate) for my wedding, but I almost chose Cleopatra (sensual, glamorous) instead. Now that my big bottle has run out and they've started doing cheaper mini bottles, I see no reason why I can't have one of each. £15, Anthropologie
5. I see this scarf everywhere. It's basically a blanket for your neck. £19.99, Zara
6. I threw out my Uggs and now need some warm, comfortable shoes with a decent sole. Like these bad boys, £110, Aldo (hey, a girl can dream).
7. Festive sparkles, £18, Hannah Zakari
8. I loved Eleanor + Park and now want to read everything Rainbow Rowell has ever written. Also, grammar. Duh.
9. I think my signature look this winter is going to be lumberjack-meets-librarian. £89.95, Joules
10. Looking like a French girl: priceless
11. Glasses that I think would make me look like a French girl but would probably make me look like Harry Potter: £95, Swag & Stare
12. French girls wear stripy jumpers, right? £59.95, Joules
13. I had big plans to knit a pom pom hat by Christmas, but let's get real. £60, Hilary Grant

Well, that's the fun stuff out of the way. Now, Santa, since I'm clearly in the business of asking you for things that I know are outside your remit (a £60 woolly hat? A £90 cardigan? Come on. And who buys someone glasses for Christmas?), I have a final request.

What I really want for Christmas is, quite simply, Christmas. Specifically, I want to spend another Christmas with my mum.

I know Christmas is a month away, and a month feels very long right now, but my family is so full of strength and guts and love and if we've learned anything from cheesy Christmas films, it's that love can work miracles. And also that Bruce Willis looks good in a vest

I know it's a tough ask, Santa, but please. See what you can do.

Failing that, I'll take the hairdryer.

Lots of love,
Kirsty x

P.S. I won't forget to leave your drink by the fireplace. A dry white wine, always and forever.

Top image: Anthropologie. French girl in glasses (who is not actually French): Eat Sleep Wear.

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  1. Lumberjack meets librarian? Massive props and giggles. And I love Tocca Cleopatra too! Wish they were as cheap here - Australia gets huge markups on beauty products, fragrances and music, among other things.

    I really, really want that for you too. Will be thinking of you and your family xxxx

  2. Fat Face do the best lounge gear. They're the only slippers I've bought on a complete whim (yes, I take slipper buying seriously!) and they're the only slippers that have lasted any length of time and don't give me sweaty feet (TMI?).

    I hope with all my heart you get your Christmas wish. Huge hugs to you and yours. xx

  3. I really hope you Christmas wish comes true Kirsty xx

  4. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas together. And if you're in the market for an awesome hairdryer get thee a Parlux xx

  5. Oh lady, you deserve all the things, especially the Christmas you want. Thinking of you xxx

  6. Thinking and praying for your mom. And really, may your wishes come true. I love that hat.

  7. Wishing you a Christmas miracle. Been thinking about you all day. Lots of love toy our family. I know that can sound like a throwaway comment but I mean it with all my heart xx

  8. I can confirm that Zara scarf is a little piece of heaven around your neck. Sending good thoughts your way for Christmas xx

  9. Kirsty I hope you get your Christmas wish, sending lots of love to try and help the Christmas miracle happen xx

  10. Will be sending all my Christmas wishes your way. X

  11. FWIW, I don't think you'd look like Harry Potter in those glasses - they are mega cute. Also, hope you get your Christmas wish *hugs*.

    P.S. I had 20 posts to catch up with on your blog and what an enjoyable 20 blog posts it's been. I really need to come here more often, I'm shit at this blogging malarky sometimes. Apologies for my shitness.

  12. I hope so very much that you get your Christmas wish. Thinking of you and your family.


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