Well that was fun

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

This past weekend, Fin, Smidgen and I were meant to be going on a very glamorous caravan trip to Pitlochry. Instead, I spent four days and three nights in Greece, soaking up the sweltering temperatures, being waited on hand and foot and barely getting out of bed the whole time.

Oh, wait, did I say Greece? Sorry, I meant hospital. The other parts were true though.

Fortunately it wasn't anything too serious, although a horrendous kidney infection feels pretty fucking serious when you're in the middle of it. I'm really hoping my hospital nickname of "septic lady" doesn't catch on. The best part was that I was put on the maternity ward, because of the whole being pregnant thing (the baby was completely oblivious to my plight, by the way), meaning I spent four days of writhing agony in the company of labouring women and newborn babies, who are, of course, notoriously chilled out.

On the plus side, the midwives were absolute angels. Getting admitted to hospital is probably an extreme way to get a free preview of your future maternity care, but I liked what I saw. It's definitely an  extreme way of getting out of a caravan trip to Pitlochry. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I mention this only because I've exhausted all other avenues of sympathy, but I'm still stuck in bed for 80% of the day and need entertained. At least it's my own bed I'm stuck in now.

How was YOUR weekend?


If it's not me who's ill, it's Smidgen (a.k.a. the grossest thing I've ever posted)

Image: Greek car park from Cara's Instagram. Bet they don't charge you 6 quid to park your car there *cough* Edinburgh Royal Infirmary *cough*

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  1. Oh, Kirsty - how unpleasant! I'm so sorry.

    I also ended up on a maternity ward with an infection....in my breast....when I was 13. And I couldn't sleep at night because the poor women giving birth were, you know, a bit upset and stuff. I'm glad your experience was more positive.

    I love that I know exactly what type of place Pitlochry is just from its name. Some things just transcend cultural barriers.

  2. I'm not really convinced by your definition of fun. Having spent a similar length of time in hospital earlier in the year, although not pregnant, I didn't find it that enjoyable. I hope your stay was filled with custard and lots of cups of tea. I hope your recovery is speedy and accompanied by Smidgen cuddles.
    Get well soon lady and take care of yourself.

    1. Oh yes, there was plenty of custard and tea. NHS tea is amazing! NHS custard, not so much...

  3. So all that time and effort I put in cleaning the caravan from top to bottom was to no avail...

  4. That sounds like a v.crap weekend - glad you had a good time (is that the right word?) at the hospital though.
    My weekend involved a new-ish baby, not mine, but a v.good friend's.She invited a few of us over to meet him on Saturday. He didn't seem too bothered though and preferred to sleep and feed (completely understandable).
    hope you feel better soon!

  5. You poor thing! I was in and out of hospital throughout my pregnancy and in the end I was quite pleased I got to have a poke around the maternity unit before labour. At least you know what to expect when the time comes! Get well soon!

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  7. Oh no that doesn't sound like much fun at all; get well soon and hope you are doing ok. xxx

  8. Oh, shite. That's the last thing you needed! Jeeeezus. I am glad the midwives were good to you. In some ways, much better than other wards could have been!
    PS Meant to say that was me madly beeping at you from a grey car on Lothian Road a couple weeks ago. Not because you were in the way, like. I just recognised you ;)

  9. Egads! Hope you're much, much better by now. xx

  10. That's what I need to get my beleaugered blog up and running again! A trip to the hosp...oh no, wait, that wasn't the moral of the story now was it? That bag is gorgeous though - I love it! My highly-practical wipe-clean bag with matching changing pad is highly practical but not really my top choice aesthetically. The cowboy wants to know if midwives in real life eat as much cake and tea as they do on One Born Every Minute. (Important facts to uncover you know)

  11. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)