Reasons I love the internet

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello. I'm still here.

I have thoughts. I have words. I just don't seem to be able to put them on a page. Rest assured, though, I'm not lying in a puddle of sadness listening to The Wind Beneath My Wings on repeat. I'm just quietly getting on with things, "things" currently being obsessing over nappy bags and eating my body weight in cake.

I hope to find time and strength to write something more substantial soon. In the meantime, here are some reasons I love the internet, because I do (today at least).

1. The internet doesn't tilt its head sympathetically and ask how I'm really doing. I appreciate this.

2. The internet does, however, send me wonderful little gifts. Like a beautiful pair of earrings and a lovely wee card and bottomless support, courtesy of a private parenting group thing that I'm in. The kindness of internet friends continues to astonish me.

3. Remember last year when I wrote a guide to eloping to Edinburgh for East Side Bride? Well, my Alabama bride got hitched! She also hired my friend Lauren (no brainer), who told me they took lots of my advice and that the wedding was - and I quote - "fantastic." It makes me so happy to have played even a teeny tiny part in the wedding of two strangers from the other side of the world. Thanks, internet.

4. And speaking of East Side Bride, this post broke my heart a little bit. Planning something happy in the midst of something sad sucks. It just does. But it helps to know you're not alone. Thanks again, internet.

5. The internet lets me imagine I am the kind of person who will spend upwards of £90 on a super stylish waxed canvas nappy bag handmade in Wales with vegetable-tanned leather handles and an organic cotton lining, when in reality I am the kind of person who will probably buy a wipe-clean rucksack thing made of recycled plastic that is half the price and comes with a free changing mat. Hey, a girl can dream.

6. I love the internet because I can blog nothing for six weeks and then, one unremarkable Tuesday evening, sit down and put some half-hearted words into the world and nobody will hold it against me. (Nobody might read them, either, but that's ok. I write for you, but I write for me more.)

7. Lastly, thanks to the internet, I now know that Badger Hair Dresser was a genuine occupation in 1891. So was Bottom Knocker. If that doesn't cheer you up, nothing will.

Tell me why you love the internet. I'm in the mood for happy tales.


Images: 1. Glitter tags and 'hello' stamp by Perrodin Supply Co 2. Lauren McGlynn Photography 3. Forest Bags on Etsy

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  1. Just wrote a comment about how I'd fallen out of love with the internet and obviously out of spite the internet ate it! But I'm glad it's keeping you happy and sane, good to read your words and hear that you're doing well

    1. Damn comment-stealing internet! I definitely have days when I hate it too (mainly when googling random pregnancy symptoms and convincing myself I have All The Rare Diseases).

  2. Spotted these tweed bags on itison today could be potential baby bags although not as wipe clean as waxed canvas...

  3. I hate to say it but having started off with a quite nice non-nappy bag, satchel type thing which I luckily got in the sales for a total bargain, it got swiftly swapped about for a pretty rucksack and now my kiddo is on the move, I couldn't manage without it. Looking after a pushchair, myself and a toddler who likes to run at traffic in London is plenty enough without having to worry about a bag. I really struggled with choosing that damn bag but looks like you have it covered! Glad to hear the internet is doing it for you and your feeling well.

  4. I love the internet because it is why we are friends. And why I'm friends with so many other lovely people who visit this site. Internet rulz.

  5. I love the internet because I have made so many friends and connections that turn into real-life and the support during really hard moments is invaluable. Also, cat pictures.

    As for the nappy bag... I couldn't care less about one, but my mom made one and I love it. If you can use a sewing machine or know someone who can make it for you I can send you the pattern she took it from. Basically you are looking for: lots of inside pockets, waterproof material, long handles to put it over the stroller handles and be handfree and a portable nappy changer. I am a convert and I'm in love with mine. I went from not caring (was planning on throwing everything at random in an old oversized bag) to being an advocate for cute nappy bags.

  6. Glad to see your musings again! I love the internet because how would I see the passive-aggressiveness of so many people? (I particularly like May 25th's entry)

  7. But... what WAS a Bottom Knocker? And how can I get that kind of job title for myself?

  8. Hi Kirsty! This is my nappy bag - in the brown. I love love love it. BUT - when I went to the country last week on a holiday with Baby A, I repacked all my nappy bag stuff into a backpack that I took around the world when I was in my early 20's - and it was just as good though not as stylish.

    Hmm that does not help your sitch at all.

    I was given this change mat at my baby shower and I think it is my favourite/most used of the gifts. So great for when you don't want to carry a massive bag (which is quite often).

    And, hello and lovely to hear from you.

    My favourite thing about the internets at the moment is Game of Thrones recaps. I am such a nerd.

    1. Ohhhh that Madewell bag is a thing of beauty. And I love the change mat too.

  9. Hi, friend. I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there. That's about all that can be expected, no? :)

    I love the internet because of the friends I've found. And because it lets me stream football games so I don't have to pay out the nose for cable (except for this summer because I refuse to miss 1 World Cup game). And because of Pinterest (though that's a rather love/hate relationship) and people like you who pin gorgeous nappy bags that I'll also probably just lust after because some sort of backpack really probably *would* be more practical (/affordable).

    Hugs, lady.

  10. I love the internet because you're on it!