Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Life has been a little overwhelming lately. My thoughts, and my words, have been elsewhere. I'm trying to find space to write something for you that's not related to poetry or chocolate, and in the meantime you can find me in one of two places:


First, the lovely Annabel has been plastering me and my nonsense all over Love My Dress in the last few weeks.

A couple of months ago (alright, it was April, I've been busy) she was kind enough to invite me to a party celebrating the launch of her new(ish) book, Style Me Vintage: Weddings. I basically spent the entire evening in a corner talking to the three people I already knew and drinking rum, but that's my idea of a good time, so I thought it was fabulous. Annabel shared a film of the event here, in which the eagle-eyed among you might spy me, my amazing skirt and my terrible posture. Really should work on that.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Blonde Bridesmaid's wedding was featured in all its glowy, wintery magnificence. Those of you who followed my obsessive pinning sprees might recognise a few of the details. I'm especially proud of the purple cows. (There are actual purple cows, that is not a description of the bridesmaids, JUST TO BE CLEAR.)

And remember this sneaky peek? Well, you can see the whole shebang on Love My Dress right here, along with an extremely waffly description from me of every tiny detail. I'm nothing if not an overthinker. In case you can't tell from the post, I'm ridiculously glad to have been a part of it. Everyone involved put so much effort into making the shoot something really special. Yay Edinburgh.


And now, APW UK is happening, and I'm in charge. Which might be why I'm so tired. And have so few words to spare.

For those who don't know, APW is A Practical Wedding, a huge American indie wedding blog. I may have mentioned it once or twice. While everyone stateside is doing whatever it is they do to celebrate Independence Day - fireworks? Aliens? Who the hell knows - I'll be making sweeping generalisations about British people and quietly panicking. The party starts on Thursday at 7.30am.

Send help.

Images: 1. Golden geometric hearts papercuts card by Owly Shadow Puppets 2. Lauren McGlynn Photography 3. Hart & Sol West, taken on the Brooklyn stop of the APW Book Tour


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  1. This is *tremendously* exciting, and I can't wait to see what you so with this new forum.

  2. Good luck. Also you are actually amazing so I have a lot of confidence in you pulling this all off. Sorry if that sounds weird but I really do. I am properly excited to see your APW content and I think I wrote a pretty gushing comment on your amazing shoot (those flowers, those people, that venue, those photos, the dresses, the details etc) on Love my Dress so, um yeah.

  3. Yaay Rock it Kirsty! I am impressed (and that sytled photoshoot was super amazing)

  4. Kirsty this is AWESOME news re. APW. Super excited to see what you do with it - you'll be great. Impressed by your general internet awesomeness at the moment.

    PS Could the Friday open thread be at a UK convenient time this week? Please? I'm not even asking for me, because I'm travelling, but for the voiceless Brits who have to comment slightly drunk on a Friday evening if they aren't to miss out...

    1. It will be! All the posts will be on GMT timings. Friday open thread will be at 2.30pm our time. But that doesn't mean you can't be slightly drunk...