Friday, July 05, 2013

Well, that's it. The last post is up. My reign as UK guest editor of A Practical Wedding is officially over. Sob.

If you've been missing your regular dose of my wit and charm (and really, WHO WOULDN'T?), I'd recommend popping over to read my posts on APW. Even if you're not a regular reader, or a bride, or a woman, or a person who gives a shit about weddings, there's something you'll enjoy. Probably.

Here's what you've been missing:
  1. A British Person's Guide to American Weddings. The comments started off well, then rapidly declined into a convoluted discussion about jam. I'm still trying to work out how that happened.
  2. Jane and Peter's Misty Rooftop Garden Wedding. Short-haired bride, baby in a kilt, amazing shoes. Need I say more.
  3. Hats for wedding guests. Prices range from £29.50 to £1,285. FOR A HAT. If you can spot the expensive one without peeking, you get it for free!*
  4. What happens when your friends don't like your partner? I didn't write this one; Anna K did. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and that's a very good thing.
  5. Lillian and Leonard: A Love Story. Because there's nothing I enjoy more than making wedding photographers feel intensely awkward.
  6. And right now, RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, it's APW Happy Hour. Which means some highlights, some links I've found around the web, and booze. You should totally come.
  7. BONUS: I've been at the helm of the APW Pinterest account for the last couple of days too. Highlights include a wedding bus, an amazing beard and a dogs wearing a flower crown. What's not to love?
So, that's your Friday afternoon reading sorted. 

On a sort-of-not-really related topic: not one but two of my dearest and most beloved readers have managed to get themselves hospitalised in the last week (not together, this isn't an episode of Casualty) and, once they've finished reading every one of these posts, they'll probably be feeling pretty bored and fed up. Can we send them our collective love and best wishes in the comments? I think we can.

Happy weekend, team.

*Haaaaaaa. In your dreams.

Image: Natalia hat by Bundle MacLaren Millinery


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  1. It has been great but so are you. Completely independently of all of this, we have an international summer school being hosted here and they have a map of the British Isles made of words and one of the biggest words they have OVER THE WHOLE OF SCOTLAND is "English" and for some reason (probably that pin of yours) I saw that and thought of you (as well as being pretty miffed myself). I've not taken and photo and posted it as I am professional (so professional I'm writing this at 3.15pm but...)

    There are lots of parenthesis in that and I am sorry but I can't take them out now without rewriting the whole comment. Sorry. x

  2. I, for one, am very glad you took over APW this week because it reminded of how awesome you are, and I need to read your blog more. (You were not in my reader. This has been quickly corrected.)

    And also because I am an Anglophile and am very sad that I did not grow up to be British. (My dad is from Guyana and his great grandfather was Scottish! This counts, right?? Right???)

  3. Love and best wishes to Kirsty's auntie and ma!

    It's been fun to hear your voice over at APW, and especially fun to have happy hour all day long.

  4. You absolutely killed it over there, nice one.

    Hope your friends are OK x

    1. ah crap, I meant relatives. My only excuse is that it's the middle of the night here.

  5. Thanks for all the awesome content on APW these past two days! Also, I could tell which was the expensive hat before looking at prices because I was the one I wanted most. Typical.

    Love and best wishes to your Aunt and your Mom, and hope they feel better soon!

  6. Best wishes to your loved ones! Great job this week.

  7. Love the article on Cara/Peonies&Polaroids. Pretty sure I read her entire blog within one (v long) sitting when I 1st came across it years ago-- ditto to yours though, homegirl!

  8. Thanks so much everyone, glad you enjoyed my little APW takeover. Trying not to get drunk on the power.

  9. rather shamefully I was quite unaware of APW so I've just spent my lunch hour having a read through some of it - it's good stuff!