Reasons why November is a rubbish month, Part 27

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Am I the only person who finds Movember extremely disconcerting?

I'm 90% certain I was in a meeting with Freddie Mercury this morning.

Hurry up and be December already.

{Freddie with Jane Seymour wearing what can only be described as The Most Intense Flower Crown Ever, via Awesome People Hanging Out Together}

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  1. I love Freddie Mercury and I love that photo!

    (and also deliberately silly moustaches, although I believe Freddie was rocking his pretty seriously)

    Good news - December is Thursday!

  2. Most Intense Flower Crown Ever... that made me laugh! Um, I'm one of those people who loves fake moustaches but isn't a fan of real ones! Most people I know are cheating and growing beards that they'll shave into moustaches at the last min... Cheating but at least it looks (slightly) less daft!

  3. I'm hoping the guy planning my wedding is doing Movember. If not I ma quite disconcerted by the moustache he is growing.

  4. A bunch of the oncologists here are participating in Movember and there's a facebook contest with close ups of their 'staches and we're supposed to guess who they are. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Of course I'm going to share though:

    see. heebie jeebies.

  5. You can't have been in a meeting with Freddie Mercury that morning, because it would have turned into a three day bender and you would have woken up in the Cap d'Antibes or New Orleans or somewhere like that.