Calling all Weegies

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This weekend, my mum and I are going on a jaunt. We are hopping on a train out of Edinburgh, waving farewell to its stairways and spires and air of refined elegance, and heading west. Back to the city where she was born. The city where I came of age, met my husband and learned the finer points of comparative constitutional law. And drank. A lot.

Every time I return to Glasgow, I take personal offence at things that have changed. How dare they replace the places I used to go with new places where new people go? Who do these new people think they are? Don't they know it's my city? What do you mean I don't live here any more, what does that have to do with anything? Why are you asking me to leave? Please can I finish my cocktail first?

The sad truth of it is, I simply don't know it any more, not like I used to. Glasgow is not the kind of city that sits still, gazing wistfully out of the window as it awaits your return, perhaps doing a bit of embroidery to keep it occupied. Glasgow moves on. Glasgow gets a makeover. Glasgow is snogging someone else before your train has even left the station.

So, I'm asking you for help. Glasgow people, what are your favourite weekend haunts? Anywhere we really ought to go, any hidden gems we should seek out? What are the cool kids (and their mothers) doing these days?

To narrow it down a little, we will be staying in the West End (old habits die hard) from Friday to Sunday and will be mainly focusing on eating, drinking, chatting, shopping, eating, wandering and drinking. 

At least some things haven't changed.

{West End Map by Alice Dansey-Wright via They Draw and Travel}

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  1. the drake at the bottom of park circus/ corner of woodlands rd is lovely - good wine/ music/ open fire/ dogs allowed in :)

  2. Cushion and cake on Old Dumbarton road is a cute wee tearoom. I'd also recommend Pinxto or Bibis a wee bit further up Dumbarton road for food, great tapas and Mexican places. Ketchup on Ashton Lane does a good burger as does Lebowskis. In fact I may just email you a comprehensive area by area list of places to go!!
    Or I could offer you cups of tea and some of the golden syrup cake currently waiting to be opened in my kitchen cupboard :)

  3. offshore cafe in Gibson street is lovely for a post-kelvingrove ramble. They sell tablet and they let you pick your own piece out of the tub. (it appeals to the 'one child of a five child family' in me) if you are still looking for a nail place I went to Revival Retreat on Byres road and got a lovely manicure, but apaz there's a place on Dunbarton road that does a polish change for £2.50. My nieces told me about it, they're 10, although they are scarily in the know.

  4. I don't have any Glasgow recommendations (last time I went I was ten, and all I can remember is having Dunkin' Donuts!) but I was going to ask you for some Edinburgh ones, as we're spending Friday and Saturday there. Are there any great cafes or bars or restaurants you think we should head to? It's a shame you're not around otherwise I might have plucked up the courage to ask if you wanted to meet up for a cocktail or two :)

  5. Fireworks on Glasgow Green on Saturday night. Curlers Rest (sorry, it's not student-ville anymore) for Sunday lunch. Cup on byres road for AMAZING cupcakes and Apple & Cinnamon scones. Ruthven Mews for antique shop mooching. Another vote for Cake and Cushion. Grosvenor cinema for chill time? Fanny Trollopes, The Finnieston or the Left Bank for nice meals.

    Have fun!

  6. Oh, and Kember and Jones for brunch - so totally worth the queue.

  7. So - i've only been there once, but I'm totally seconding the apple and cinnamon scones at Cup, which I had with Dizzy Girl on my single visit, when she took us around the city and helped us fall in love with the place. And then got us horrendously drunk.

    But soon, I'll be there full-time. Whenever you visit in the future, you can add my flat for tea and cake (maybe booze..) to your 'must visit' list, as we move up next weekend - a shame we won't cross over.

  8. Definitely Ubiquitous Chip for some delicious food, or maybe The Left Bank or Stravaigin which are opposite each other on Gibson Street. Or indeed Ketchup, if burgers are your thing, because they are DAMN GOOD BURGERS. Artisan Roast if you really like your coffee, conveniently next door (or a couple of doors down from) The Left Bank. And I third (fourth? Whatever) Cake and Cushion.

  9. I know nothing about Glasgow, but I love how you described it.

  10. I.... want to come? Seriously. You and your lovely mum do ALL THE THINGS that I like to do! The drinking and wandering and eating bits especially!

    Since I am a dumb American who's never been to Scotland, I can't help. But I do have one small request: Everything you do, can you do it while humming Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls?"

  11. I'm a little bit late with my comment as I can read your blog at work but not the comments bit.

    I second / third all the good suggestions you have so far but would add Epicures on Hyndland Road for coffee / lunch / wine (their white Rioja is lush!), pinxto on Dumbarton read does yummy tapas (and is handily right next door to Velvet Elvis which is a fab pub) and you are more than welcome to join me at my friends bootcamp class in Kelvingrove Park at 10am?!?! It's a fab way to earn those scones :0)

    Hope you have a fab weekend in the wild west x

  12. Thanks so much, everyone! If I were going for a month, I would totally do every single one of your suggestions.

    Helen, I'll drop you an email with some Edinburgh top tips - what a shame I'm missing you!

    Roz - boot camp? At 10am? At the weekend? Are you crazy??

  13. Sorry I'm not that familiar with the West End but I'm loving all the tips you got above so will have to make more of an effort to get over there and explore more!

    Have a fab time! :)

  14. I'd really recommend Cookie...interesting and ever-changing seasonal menu, great wine prices and chilled out vibe, it's in the South Side but worth the trip!