The people have spoken.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The real question is, will I listen?

Image: via Pinterest, original source untraceable. Why are all the hair ones so damn hard to find? Pie chart made at


4 boats moored

  1. I usually use other people's advice to help me make up my own mind (a very annoying habit).

    I'll ask questions I already know the answer to ("Sweetie, what do you think of this scarf with this outfit? It's too bright isn't it? Hmm, yeah, it is").

    Or I ask questions and then know if I don't like the answer then I want to go with/do the other thing.

    So if I say to you- YOU MUST GET THE PIXIE CUT after those results, do you immediately respond "okay" or "hmm, I don't want to"? Then either way, there's your answer :)

    If you have actually made up your mind and are just teasing us, then please ignore all of the above!

  2. I still say bob bob bob bob :)

  3. Or toss a coin to decide, in that moment when you wish for heads or tails you'll know what option you really want to do :)