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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Typical. You wait 29 years for a heart-thumping creative project to arrive, then two come along at once.

Last Friday saw the launch of Jane Gowans' nautical-inspired Captain Collection for S/S13. Once again I was at the helm (see what I did there? Helm! Nautical! I'm so hilarious) when it came to creating and styling the lookbook and I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out. The images have been featured in some fancypants places and most importantly, Jane is a happy girl. She even went so far as to describe me as a styling superstar. I knew I liked her.

I'll share a behind-the-scenes take soon (I wasn't hung over this time! And I was marginally less terrified! Victory!). In the meantime you can see the full collection and admire the lookbook here.

FYI: that's not me up there. Unfortunately. This is me:

Always with the booze.

As if the launch of Jane's collection weren't enough to have me bouncing off the walls, on Tuesday Lillian and Leonard posted their photos of Blonde Bridesmaid's wedding. When I saw Cara tweet about it, I nearly passed out at my desk from sheer excitement. Instead, I ran to the "fun" computer (the one that doesn't block everything non-work-related that could therefore be vaguely interesting) and looked at every single photo. Twice. In the middle of a weekday morning. Sometimes, you just have to prioritise.

There is so much I want to tell you about it, but my words can wait. The pictures say plenty for now. Go, look, enjoy. Drool.

(Okay I will just say one thing. Wasn't my friend a smokin' hot bride?)

Top image: What Kristen Saw for Jane Gowans, styled by me. Bottom image: Lillian and Leonard.

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  1. So exciting, all this projects :) Fashion shoots are not as easy as they look when you see well taken photographs.
    The lookbook makes me want to take a vacation, immediately.
    And wow, blonde bridesmaid was a beautiful bride. I am obsessed with lacy necklines, like the one she had. So sexy and classy.
    You looked so happy! I love the pictures of the blue kitten playing with the string and the one where the bride is holding / pulling the grooms (?) quilt.

    1. It was absolutely freezing the day we shot the lookbook, so I'm glad it manages to still make you feel summery! You can see the goosebumps on the model's arms if you look closely enough...

  2. Can you please come and style my life? Pleasethankyou.

    And yes, your friend looked that special kind of bride-y incredible. I liked your curly hair too!

  3. What a beautiful bride - love her dress. And seriously love her fur jacket - do you know where it's from?

    1. It's original vintage (so real fur - eek) that was lent to her by a lovely friend's mum. Try local vintage shops, or it's the kind of thing that might pop up on etsy - this one is gorgeous but a bit pricey...

  4. Gorgeous, both of them. Her dress is stunning

  5. Congratulations on the styling dear! You did such a good job.

  6. I loved the lookbook and then I cried at your friend's wedding. Wuss? Me? Yes.

  7. Kirsty, I just love the enthusiasm in this post. So pleased that these things have come your way and look forward to seeing some of the work up on the blog.

    Can't wait to read more.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy