What I did at the weekend.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jewellery and handbag
Makeup and brushes
Model's feet
Hanging jewellery and clothes
Wellies, clothes, jewellery, string
Me writing list
Flowers in vase
Jane instagramming, me thinking
Me arranging flowers
Me arranging flowers into crown
Crown being pinned on model

Arrived in Dundee nervous and hung over, train station coffee swilling around inside my stomach. 

Consulted this pinboard approximately seven thousand times.

Attempted to turn a suitcase full of jumbled skirts and dresses and shorts and jumpers into something vaguely resembling said pinboard. Panicked quietly.

Made a list. Immediately felt better. Made a longer list.

Stuck clothes onto a model's boob using sellotape, which I think was a first for both of us. Awkward.

Turned sweet, drooping roses clipped from a grandmother's garden into a ginormous flower crown. It wasn't The Most Intense Flower Crown Ever (that's here), but it was pretty spectacular, considering it was cobbled together out of string, wire and desperation. 

Invaded some fields. Squashed some crops. Scandalised some passing traffic. Grappled with sun and rain and wasps on the flower crown oh my gawd argh get it off!!! 

Tried to work out how I could slip some of the gorgeous jewellery into my pocket without Jane noticing.

Watched my dear friend Kristen do her thing and be amazing. That girl is a professional and a genuine talent. I am in awe.

Decided lawyer slash stylist was a totally acceptable job description. There are probably hundreds of them, lawyering and styling, styling and lawyering. Probably.

High-fived. Drank wine. Ate my body weight in carbohydrates. And started to plan the next one.

Behind the scenes of the Jane Gowans Autumn/Winter 2012 collection shoot, shot by my friend Kristen of What Kristen Saw. The collection (and the full photo shoot, styled by me! Eeek!) launches on the 3rd of August. Watch this space.

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  1. Awesome! Styled by you? So lawyer turned charity fundraiser turned stylist? That's pretty cool...

  2. Kirsty, is there ANYTHING you can't do?!

    If only there was a way to wear a flower crown in real life... *sigh*

    1. Yes she is too annoyingly good!

      I'm tempted to try and weave a flower crown into everyday life.

  3. Think you should be a fulltime stylist, you were great! Looking forward to our next shoot. Kris x

  4. Beautiful! Where is the yellow jumper from? I'm planning to give summer a miss and just start getting excited about autumn woollies now

    1. I think it was from Joy - Jane just ransacked her wardrobe (we're very professional, you see).

  5. Wow, Kirsty, you are full of awesome surprises. So cool!

  6. This is super, super cool. YOU are super, super cool.

  7. This pictures are beautiful! I particularly love the feet, one sock on and one sock off - such an unusual shot!

    1. Aren't they lovely? Kristen is so good at capturing those wee moments that everyone else misses.

  8. NICE flower crown! I commend you! Love that they're grandma's roses, too.

    Is there no end to your talents?

    1. Thanks! If you could have seen how it was held together you would probably have been appalled at my terrible floristry, but at least it managed to last the day. JUST.

  9. The polka dot wellies-WANT!

    Also, this whole thing looks divinely lovely.

  10. Oh wow, love all of this (and love the serious, hard at work faces!) That's such an amazing floral crown, definitely deserved those high-fives! Looking forward to seeing the final thing :)

  11. Ah! You are a Master Floral Crown Maker! Puts mine to shame.
    Ive been doing that vaguely creepy thing where you find a blog you like then try to catch up through the archives before commenting (or am I the only anal retentive that does that?) BUT. Then I realised that was kind of really dumb. So.
    And lawyer/stylist is *clearly* a totally acceptable and brilliant career description.
    (gives me hope for lawyer/feltmaker someday;)

    1. Maybe we should start some sort of support group for lawyers with secret crafty leanings?

      I'm touched you would try to go all the way through the archives, but I wouldn't worry - there is a LOT of guff in there...