Today is not my day.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Dog in a bowtie

First, I slept through the alarm on my new phone and woke up an hour later than planned. Oops.

Then, stuck in a state somewhere between hyper panic and still asleep, I forgot what I was doing in the shower and tried to wash my hair with shower gel. Which was pleasant.

Then, I put a hole in the top of my only pair of clean tights and couldn't find any clear nail varnish to patch them up, so my tights are now held together with bits of gold glitter.

Then, when I finally made it to my desk, I was footering about on the blog (ahem, working hard) and accidentally published a random snippet of draft blog post that made absolutely no sense. But Google Reader clearly enjoyed it so much that it refuses to part with it, so if you are lucky enough to subscribe to this blog then you will have the pleasure of reading those nonsensical ramblings FOREVER AND EVER.

Fuck today. I think I should just go back to bed.

Dog in a bow-tie (!) by Shannon Michele Photography via Style Me Pretty and the best pinboard ever

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  1. Oh.... have a cup of tea maybe ? Hope the day will get better soon .
    I saw that there *was* another post, but it was not possible to access it, if that is of any comfort to you .

  2. ...but your post made my day!! ;-)


    1. Well, I suppose there aren't many bad days that can't be improved by a picture of a dog in a bow tie.

  3. Abi (*cowley/harhar... i'm not sure!)9 July 2012 at 16:58

    Yes your post made my day... and your friday post (what? I'm perpertually behind!), well I think you can pat yourself on the back for quite a while yet ;)

  4. definitely sounds like a Monday! you're a trooper though, I would have taken the ripped tights as a sign I needed to stay home all day

  5. Ugh, I posted something I didn't mean to today as well - luckily, I'd finished the first draft so it made sense, but *sigh* sometimes Google Reader is just too enthusiastic for its own good.

    Hope the rest of the week is better!

  6. Yeesh, what a horrid day! Also, I have SO done this before, and afterwards I found a little trick. If you change or edit a post, Google will update it accordingly in the feed, but if you delete the post, it just sits there in the feed forever and ever, as you've found. The easiest way to make it disappear is to go into the post, delete the content (or maybe simply replace with the words "test"), and republish. The changes will refresh in the feed. After that, THEN you can delete the original post so it's not hanging about on your website. RSS subscribers will still see your "accident" post, but at least it will be blank or simply say "test" so readers will ignore it.

    Hope Tuesday is the tits to make up for it!

  7. Ah one of those days... I think I have one of those every week at the moment! Uncool on the draft post, thankfully wordpress hasn't done that to me (yet). Hope today was better x