Two reasons to love twitter.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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First, it connected me with the lovely Julie. Julie is a wife and mother to young kids, and she is currently going through the joys of chemo. I didn't know it when Breast Cancer Care tweeted about her blog, but she actually knows my parents and had been chatting with my mum in the chemo ward not so long ago. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when she read the post I wrote the other day, it made her cry (actually, I know she wasn't the only one. So if you cried too, I'm sorry). But it also moved her to write very honestly about how it feels from the opposite persepctive; to have a daughter, and have breast cancer. Which made me cry. So now we're even.

Secondly, twitter told me this:

Yeah, twitter. I wish.

P.S. I'm no Stephen Fry, but you can follow me here, if you like.

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