Happy Valentinaversary

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is, unbelievably, the ninth Valentine's Day that the Hubster and have spent together.

The first one, back when everything was new and uncertain and scary and exciting, we were both poor students. I was sharing a flat with three other girls at the time, but somehow I ended up with the flat to myself and we decided to splash out on a Chinese carry-out (our habit of marking special occasions with the cheap thrill of an illicit takeaway was established very early on).

I can't remember what I was wearing and I suspect it was probably hideous - 2003 wasn't a good year for me, clothes-wise - but I have no doubt I agonised over it for days before. While I waited, fluttery with excitement, for the Boyfriend (as he then was) to arrive, I lined the shabby hallway with cheap tea-lights and decorated my walls with heart-shaped pink post-its. The effect wasn't great, but I thought it was pretty damn stylish. He arrived, late (another habit that has regrettably persisted for both of us), clutching the steaming carry-out in one hand and an already-wilting bunch of early season red tulips in the other.

"I've brought you roses," he said, proudly.

Now we're newlyweds and, in some ways, everything is once again new and uncertain and scary and exciting. But, after nine Valentine's Days together, it is definitely less of an Occasion. I no longer feel the need to decorate the walls with pink heart-shaped post-its in honour of his arrival (although I do, in fact, still have some, should I feel so inclined). We won't give extravagant presents or go out for a wildly expensive meal at a fancy restaurant. People seemed to like giving us heart-shaped baking paraphernalia as engagement and wedding gifts - seeking, I suspect, that elusive balance between sentimentality and usefulness - so if he's very lucky I might attempt some sort of heart-shaped excuse for a cake. But we'll see.
Honestly, after all these years, I'd still be happy with nothing but a Chinese takeaway, my boy by my side and a bunch of floppy red tulips.

Wishing you all a truly yummy Valentine's Day. (Or just a happy Monday, if you're not Valentine-inclined.)

Images: 1. Via we heart it (original source unknown - if it's yours, let me know!) 2. Almost-roses via Preconscious Eye on flickr 3. Via ScrumptiousSally on flickr. Deliciousness.

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  1. peonies was right you are a good writer.

  2. Happy Valentine's to you too.

    I guess this must be our ninth too. I remember our first. I nervously gave him a card that said 'to the one I love'. He hid behind the door with roses. Or maybe that was two weeks earlier when I told him it had been six months... it's all one glorious blur now.

  3. "I've brought you roses," he said, proudly.

    Love it. So perfect.

  4. Lauren, thank you so much! Peonies is too kind.

    Cate, that is such a sweet story :) I know what you mean about it all being a blur, I had to count on my fingers to work out how many it had been, and can't remember many of the ones in between, but I always remember the tulips.

    greyandshiny, thank you! Love your blog too - glad I'm not the only one who's new to this blogging malarkey...

  5. I think this was our 8th valentine's (because our 'first' was one week after we met and that was TOO SOON to be doing anything about anything let alone valentines).

    I don't remember much about it, other than he asked all his house mates to go out and he cooked me dinner and I wore the most awful boots (but I thought they looked ok back in 2003).

    Memories huh?


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