Creepiest wedding photo in the world, ever

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aww, you think. Bride and groom on a beautiful beach, sharing a special moment together. How lovely.

But - there's something weird about it. I can't quite put my finger on it...

Wait a minute. What is that expression on the groom's face? Why is he looking at me like that??

Have you ever seen a more EVIL EYE in all your life?!?

Either he's plotting to bump me off and finally get his hands on all my wordly possessions (really not worth it), or Cara has just said something seriously offensive. Like saying the new Star Wars films are better than the old ones, or saying Morrissey is not a "proper poet", or something equally heinous.

I kind of hope it's Cara. But if this blog suddenly stops, you know who to blame...

Genuinely terrifying photo by Lillian and Leonard. Thanks guys.

6 boats moored

  1. oh that is so ready to go on the cover of a tabloid with the headline "Beautiful wedding marred by MURDER"

  2. Bahahaha! He couldn't have *closed* his eyes?

  3. hahahaha!! that is one evil eye!

  4. I KNOW!! It's like the final shot of a horror film - you think the baddie is dead, but then right at the end you realise IT WAS THE HUSBAND ALL ALONG!! Cue creepy music, as the screen fades to black...

    This one is *probably* not going in the wedding album.

  5. Scene from the cutting floor: "ooh, that's a nice photo. Wait, what's with F's eye? (zooms in) yikes, scary. I wonder what I did? Maybe I can add an eyelid? (takes a moment with photoshop) No, that's *definitely* scarier. (deletes faux eyelid) Maybe I shouldn't include it in the cut? (hovers over delete button) But I LIKE it. And Kirsty should know she married a psycho. (moves onto next photo)" The End.


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