Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I think I might be about to spend a small fortune on tiny beautiful baby shoes for a baby who can't even crawl yet.

Someone should probably stop me.

Except don't even try to stop me because DO YOU SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL AND TINY??

Also Prince George totally wore those navy ones and if they're good enough for him, well...


→ Can you believe I've only written 17 posts about shoes? Slacker. Must do better.
→ Remember knit-your-own-military-dictator-slash-Prince-Harry? Those were the days.
→ And remember that time that I totally predicted what Kate Middleton's wedding dress would look like? Can you tell I've been having a walk down blog archive lane? Do you care? (Don't answer that.)

All shoes from Children Salon.

5 boats moored

  1. So cute. Get the red ones!

  2. Why, why why did you have to show me that site? 😭😭😭

  3. I want some. For me. Maybe the pink ones. stupid size 5 feet!

    1. Kickers used to make shoes like this for grown ups