A Clean Page

Monday, April 13, 2015

Well hello there, new blog design. Don't you look... pink. And simple. And not sparkly.

I was extremely fond of the old design. It was a real labour of love for me, but it was also more than two years old, and times they have a-changed. For starters, the template I used wasn't mobile-friendly, so I had to resort to Blogger's default mobile option and that thing is U-G-L-Y. With more than half of you now using a mobile device to visit the blog, this really matters. As for the design itself, well, it was quirky and "handmade" and glittery and oh so 2013. It really was time for an update.

It's about more than just aesthetics, though. Honestly, when I launched the last redesign, the whole thing was geared towards some arty, writer-y, lawyer-slash-stylist persona that all fell completely to pieces when my mum's health went downhill. I'm just not in a glittery mood these days, and my "portfolio" was a big bag of nothing.

In short, the blog needed a change. So I changed it. Boom.

I've streamlined things a bit; hopefully it should be pretty intuitive to navigate. Most things are still there, but might be in different places. The chronological archive is now in a separate page, while the option to subscribe to receive new posts by email has moved to the sidebar (underneath this post if you're reading on your phone). There's a fancy new slider thing on the homepage that highlights a mixture of recent posts and some of my rotating favourites.

I'll probably bring the portfolio back in some shape or form - there's plenty of stuff I'm proud of, and perhaps as I figure out this mothering thing I'll have more space in my life for being creative again - but for now it's taking a break.

Don't worry though! I haven't completely given up on cringe-worthy self-promotion! I started a Facebook page for the blog, which you must all like immediately so that I'm not just talking to myself over there. I'm planning on taking a leaf out of Offbeat Families' book and shamelessly plundering my four years' worth of archives to share stuff that's relevant, not just stuff that's recent. I promise I'll try to make it interesting and current and not totally lame. Same goes for the blog, actually.

Some reassurance for the change-averse: the instant happiness button remains intact (it's basically a public service at this point) and the glittery gold anchor is still hiding somewhere. Because who wants to live in a world without glitter?


Images via Stationery Compositions (essential viewing for my fellow stationery dorks)

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  2. The new look really is lovely, Kirsty - and it looks particularly great on my mobile!

  3. Oooh, fancy! Do you still have your list of fab blogs that you follow?? Or maybe that was a post you made... hmm off to trawl archives