Happy Blogiversawhatever

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I've had this blog for FOUR YEARS, you guys. Four. Years. Note how I didn't say "I've been blogging for four years," because, well, I haven't exactly been churning out the posts of late, but still. If my dwindling annual post count is anything to go by, you can expect at least eight posts this year! Might even get up into double figures! Anything could happen!

Because anniversaries make me nostalgic, I've been reflecting a little bit on the highs and lows of these four years of blogging. There have been moments - when I redesigned the blog to include a portfolio (gag), or that time I ran A Practical Wedding, or when I blogged every day for a whole month - when it seemed anything was possible. I was like Miss Jamaica up there, all sparkly and fabulous and LOOK AT MY FUCKING GIANT FEATHERY HAT.

Other times, not so much. I've had to squeeze posts out, one sorry word at a time, between long bouts of silence. Every word tasted sour on my tongue. I found myself wondering why I was still doing this, who I was doing it for, whether I could make a graceful exit without anybody noticing. In short, everything that is going through Miss France's head in this picture.

I feel you, Miss France. Sometimes it seems like everyone else is wearing feathers and sparkles and there you are in your sad little mushroom hat and polyester bridal gown, and all you can do is put a bow on it and try not to focus too much on the fact that you're representing the nation that gave us Coco Chanel. Well, ok, I haven't experienced that exact situation, but I can tell from your terrifying stare that it's not good.

I think I'm at my happiest blogging somewhere in the middle. No pressure or expectations, but still writing enough to keep up a little bit of momentum. Queen of my own little universe, not trying to impress anyone but myself. Feathers and sparkles, but the understated kind.

Ladies and (who am I kidding) ladies, I give you Miss Malaysia. CLASSY AS BALLS. From now on, this blog will be the digital equivalent of... whatever this is.

Annnnnnd, since normal people seem to blog about normal life shit instead of weird Miss Universe blogging metaphors, I feel compelled to tell you that I'm going on a ski holiday tomorrow! With a baby! Because I'm crazy (but not as crazy as Miss France)!

Where are we going, I hear you ask?

"I'm NEUTRAL. Here's my flag. Deal with it."


Images of Miss Universe 2015 via Go Fug Yourself, whose commentary completely cracked me up. Highly recommend.

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  1. I love you and your writing and your posting of pictures and FUCK YEAH Miss Malayasia. Here's to another four years. At least.

  2. This post is my favorite post. Possibly ever. Aside from baby ones, obviously.

  3. I am giving you a slow clap right now that's threatening to turn into a standing ovation. I'm not the most frequent of commenters, but man, do I ever dig your sense of humor.

  4. I just love you to bits. Have a wonderful time on your holiday xx

  5. introv.butterfly25 January 2015 at 16:51

    No, you couldn't ever make a graceful exit without anybody noticing, there are people out there looking forward to your posts. Have fun on holiday! Also, yay, I commented! New Year's resolution is actually working. Raluca

  6. Aww I love your little blog chick whether your opting everyday or once a month. So jealous of your holiday, hope you have the little one a full on snowsuit!

  7. Please don't gracefully exit. In a sea of sponsored posts and corporate content your blog is ace, no matter how infrequent! Have a fantastic holiday

  8. Writing from Vancouver, I think we should all take a leaf out of Miss Canada's book - http://i.imgur.com/0GsE4g5.jpg :)

  9. Miss Malaysia's feathers are totes understated, that's exactly the word I'd have used to describe them.

  10. I love you and your writing and this post.

  11. Read this whole post with a smile on my face. Happy blogiversary!!

  12. Just who initiated this belief that there is some ideal and quantifiable number of posts which qualify blogs as 'proper' blogs or 'well-attended to' blogs or some such sh*t? As though blog readers click each and every day on all the sites they like and make ticks or crosses in a little blogger report card, making disappointed faces and tutting noises at screens when it's been weeks, months without a post. Bollocks! Blog readers read when they feel like it and writers should write when they feel like it. We're not writing newspapers, no one has paid actual money to read what we have to say and we're not, for the most part, getting paid to say it (well, let's leave them out, at the moment; bloggers with sponsors of course have a different standard to fulfil. Hey. Are advertisers in fact to blame for the creeping pressure on everyone else, blogging for any other reason?) What I'm saying is: let's bin the mythical standard. All the best blogs are written, as far as I can tell, for reasons that even their creators can't articulate. They don't know quite what they're aiming for, it's a compulsion, of a kind. A compulsion that strikes…sometimes not regularly. So there is no ideal, as far as I'm concerned. It's your show, you run it how you want, lady. We'll read it and relish it whenever it appears, giant feathery hat or silly beret and OMG is that an eiffel tower on her skirt... AND ALL. x