Blook Club is back!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

There's nothing I enjoy more than agreeing to do things that seem like a good idea at the time even though it turns out I'm lacking the time, energy and organisational capacity to actually do them, so when Zoë asked me back in the spring if I would take over the Edinburgh chapter of Blook Club, naturally, I said yes.

Fortunately Zoë has even less spare time than me, so it took us a good six months and drafting in an extra person (hi, Amy!) to finally organise something. But now the wait is over, and the next Blook Club gathering is just a couple of weeks away. So far, I've designed a pretty graphic and sent one or two emails. All that's left to do is organise a venue, set a time, figure out how to charge my Kindle after I threw the cable away in a fit of decluttering insanity and, oh yes, read the books (note the plural). Did I mention it's less than a fortnight away?

We've been putting the word out on Twitter, but it occurred to me that some local readers might fancy coming along. The only rule for joining in is that you have a blog or that you're a blog reader with a Twitter account, so we know you're not a creepy stalker who just happens to be really into women's fiction. Here's the aforementioned pretty graphic with all the details:

Blook Club presents Back to School, Sunday 15 September, Edinburgh + London

Yup, there's a Back to School theme, which made a lot more sense in August when we picked it. You can sign up for Blook Club here and the two books are Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It's not exactly Dostoevsky, but (a) this is supposed to be fun, and (b) we're saving Dostoevsky for next term. We also thought it might be interesting to do a little compare and contrast (JUST LIKE SCHOOL!). I've already spotted some good reviews on Twitter from Blook Clubbers who are clearly way more organised than I am, so I'm looking forward to reading the books. When I find my Kindle cable.

If you're not in Edinburgh, don't despair. You can still join in, either by signing up for the London Blook Club or reading along and joining in the discussion online. I can't think of a snappy way to end this post, so maybe I'll finish with a question, like they teach us in blogging school: do you ever feel nostalgic for school? The structure, spending all day with your friends, learning things? Or is it just me?


Image: Beyoncé channelling drugs mule chic. Blook Club graphic by yours truly. So proud.

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  1. Love the graphic, wish the two meet ups did not coincide with actual back to schoolness for me (new term at work starts on 23rd and it will be BUSY) meaning that I will almost certainly be ill or about to lose my voice/already have lost it in anticipation of the many talks I am about to be giving)

  2. Well that induced a roller coaster of emotion - ohh wish I could go, OOH there's a London version, ohhh it's on a Sunday.

    Anyone know of a nice London version that meets on an evening? Ideally one where people bring their dogs (no, I don't have one; it's a permanent sadness)

  3. Hurrah! I am so excited about this (still need to find time to read the books but that bit isn't important right?!) :)

  4. Great graphic - and love the back to school theme. Despite having been out of full time education for 10 years, September always feels like more of a clean slate than January.

    Amanda - I totally agree with your thought process, although with an added (minor) objection that as a NW Londoner, SE London is not the most convenient. I don't know of a weeknight alternative, but in keeping with Kirsty's enthusiasm for taking on projects that she doesn't have time for, I'd be interested in joining one....

  5. Hi right back atcha Kirsty! I'm very excited about my first blookclub I've been nerding it up for the team and am one book down already :) Amy x

  6. oh to be able to read a book from start to finish like in the good ole days, now i've got a toddler with other ideas!
    hope the blook club night goes well which i'm sure it will and if i ever get the chance to pick up a book and actually read it i would love to come along to a future one, be great to meet other edinburgh based bloggers too, which makes me think what about blocktail club?? ;)always still manage to squeeze in a cocktail...some things never change, thank god!!

  7. I just need to share my love for that Beyonce photo. (And your graphic.) That is all. :)

  8. I just need to share my love for that Beyonce photo. (And your graphic.) That is all. :)