Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unmade bed

I'm on holiday. In case you were wondering.

It's not really a proper holiday. It is what people seem determined to call a "staycation." Except we're British, so technically it should be a holistay. Whatever you call it, we're staying at home, but not going to work for two glorious weeks. Hooray.

I'm planning on sleeping, reading, walking the dog and talking about, but probably never actually going to, things at the many festivals and fringe festivals and fringe fringes that take over Edinburgh every August. I have big plans to build some flat-pack furniture. I might even find time for some blog tinkering. The excitement never ends.

See you on the other side.

Image: Nest Decorating

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  1. I hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday.

  2. sounds awesome! enjoy your time off

  3. Enjoy! Love being in Edinburgh in August- hope the weather is good for you ( although not every day- so that you get a few duvet days too!)

  4. Have a great holiday you! Hope you get all rested and relaxed :)

    x Elena

  5. I think holistays are the best. Enjoy and I hope it's restorative.

  6. Enjoy! I quite like holistay compared to staycation :)

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  7. I totally love the idea of using 'holistay' rather than 'staycation'. I'm gonna try to start a movement and see if it sticks by the time you return. Enjoy ;) xxx