The Sneakiest of Peeks

Monday, April 15, 2013

I went to a wedding industry event in London last week, as one does. It was glamorous, gorgeous and very full-on. It's tempting, when you live in Edinburgh, to think that only the dregs are left behind here; that all the truly creative, talented, exciting people skip off to London at the first opportunity. (In fairness, that's because lots of them do.)

But yesterday, that theory was disproved. In fact, it was so thoroughly crushed beneath the weight of Edinburghian awesomeness that there is nothing but a sad heap of tiny theoretical crumbs left.

This is just a wee sneak peek into a shoot that I styled this weekend, in collaboration with a whole troupe of talented local folk. It was ace. Forgive me if I jump up and down and squeal for a while. Lots more coming soon, if you can bear it.

How was your weekend?

(On a tenuously related note, every time I see the words "sneak peek" I think of the bot tirelessly roving Twitter and correcting every person who spells it "sneak peak". It's called Stealth Mountain, because it's a sneaky peak.)

Photography: Lauren McGlynn Photography | Floral magic: I Heart Flowers | Dresses: Rowanjoy | Jewellery: Black Box |Venue: Timberyard | Hair: Milk | Makeup: Amy Irving | Design layout inspired by Breanna Rose

12 boats moored

  1. It looks stunning Kirsty!

    My weekend included getting massive burns from a wonky hob and bain marie and seeing wonderful people. So a mixture but overall I would call it a win.

    1. Thanks Siobhan, I'm really excited about it!

      Ouch, hope your burns are feeling a bit better.

  2. Looks fab, I've been spying on your 'Fake Wedding' Pinterest board for a while :) I had a 3 day weekend, which is always good!

  3. That all looks so fab. I'm excited to see the rest.

    I love that there's a sneak peak correction bot :)

    My weekend was full of visitors and sunshine and pre-job interview panic which has not been helped by arriving at work to discover the shoes I planned to wear are not in fact amongst the large collection under my desk :s

  4. Oooh pretty!

    Looking forward to more.

  5. Looks stunning. I can't wait to see it in full!!

    My weekend was the laziest of lazy weekends. I didn't leave the house, but husband and I had a mini-International beer festival, just the two of us.

  6. This looks fantastic Kirsty. You just keep on waving your magic wand of awesomeness over me. Dropped the film off today! xx (also I just noticed there is a Lauren McGlynn tag? Awwwwwww)

  7. i love your beautiful blog. Just looing at the header makes me happy. looking forward to seeing more from your collaboration.

  8. Looks ace, and I'm loving that moodboard layout too! Also yay for Edinburghian awesomeness... still advocating that even if I'm in a different city now!

  9. So happy I stumbled upon your blog this morning! So much goodness.

    Beautiful collaboration, by the way. I am anxious to see more! :)