How to elope to Edinburgh

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You know what's more fun than wedding planning? Wedding planning for OTHER PEOPLE. I may have mentioned this before. It's especially fun because I'm not personally invested in any of the things that make wedding planning awkward: family history, bridal party drama, underwear...

Today, I had the pleasure of doling out advice to an Alabama couple planning an Edinburgh elopement, for East Side Bride. I've waxed lyrical about my love for ESB before, so I won't bang on about it. Suffice to say, she's ace, I'm honoured, my post kind of ended up being about five million words long.

If you'd like to read my recommendations for a low-key, hipster elopement to Edinburgh (and let's face it, who wouldn't), I'd encourage you to go and read my post right now. And if you know of any other top secret, badass venues hidden away down Edinburgh's back lanes, I'd love to hear about them. The current ratio of country houses to murder-ridden caves in the Scottish wedding media is just not good enough.

P.S. If you're visiting here from ESB for the first time, I should probably plug the wedding stuff. But truthfully, I think you might prefer the posts filed under 'Don't be a dick'.

Image: shot by David Wickham and styled by Bijou Bride for Vogue Italia, via Love My Dress. I like to imagine this is how our Alabama bride will emerge from her plane upon arrival at Turnhouse. Totally feasible.

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  1. Holy hell, I'M on esb too! Good over view. How come I've never been to the serial killer museum?!

    1. Well, the downside that I didn't mention is that it's only open to the public one day a month. The rest of the time it's reserved to medical students and the like, because apparently it's important for them to have unrestricted access to creepy serial killer skeletons. This does make me worry about the future of the NHS.

    2. Still remember fondly being 12, my dad took me to London and we were the only people on the 'two headed babies in jars' floor of the science museum. Happy family memories...

  2. Brilliant! I wished you lived in Rome cause I'm looking to get married there and could do with some advice like that! Love ESB too.

  3. Alabama here:
    Just wanted to say thanks, Kirsty, for the killer advice over on ESB!

  4. Great advice! We were plucked off the street to be witnesses for an eloping couple a few years ago and it was so romantic. I think it may have contributed to our decision to elope last year!