Gone again

Friday, March 22, 2013

And we're off again. This time up to the frozen north for a few days, where I will almost certainly be striking poses in designer skiwear and prancing around in the snow on ponies. Because that's just what people do in Aviemore.

My family has a timeshare up there, a little two-roomed flat with bunkbeds and a pull-out couch. It's far from glamorous, but it's close to my heart. We've been going there since I was little. I remember one year, my dad built us an igloo beside the car park. It suspect it was more for him than for us.

For a few years I stopped going, bored of the long drive up the A9 and the unpredictable Scottish weather. But Fin and I started going up there together when he was learning to ski, and it's become something of a spring tradition.

One of my favourite things about having a timeshare is the year-on-year comparison. Every year, for these same two weeks in March, the little flat is ours. Some years the hills are white, their edges smudged against a flat grey sky. Some years are spent huddled on the couch watching the rain drum against the windows. Last year, we had glorious sunshine. We ate sandwiches on benches and lay on a beach, shivering slightly, in the way only the British can. The year before that, there was too much snow to ski.

Right now, it's -5°C and snowing. That has to mean we're due glorious sunshine next year, right? Maybe?

Happy weekend, folks.

Images: 1&4 Free People November 2012 via Fashion Gone Rogue, 2&3 Koray Birand for Vogue Spain Joyas via Design Scene

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  1. Enjoy your time up there! (And bring pics of ponies :) ) You managed to make sandwiches at the beach while freezing sound kind of idyllic, for a Mexican who had a hard time conceiving and adapting to the idea of cold and wind at the sea side.

  2. Rosie aka Kirsty's mum22 March 2013 at 10:10

    Just to say your Dad and I had a great time at the wee flat - ate lots of yummy seafood, had cullen skink (a creamy fish soup for those who haven't eaten in Scotland)! It was sunny, with lots of snow up the mountain but so windy you couldn't ski, so guess we covered all the eventualities. Enjoy the wine, cake and cocopops we left behind for you.

    PS Hi Amanda - if you are wondering how come there was a beach in the mountains, there is a loch, Loch Morlich, which has a sandy shore!

  3. Sounds like my parent's other timeshare in Aviemore (they have two, such is their love for Aviemore). Is it Scandinavian flavoured perhaps?!

    If you've not been to Inshriach Nursery before, then you should. They do the best cake ever. The peanut cake is immense. http://www.inshriachnursery.co.uk/ It's near the Rothiemurchus centre.

    Also, I can't say enough about the Mountain Cafe. Above the big ski shop on the main street: http://www.mountaincafe-aviemore.co.uk/ The do amazing food, and again, the cake is amazing.

    My favourite pub is the Old Bridge Inn, at the far end of Aviemore, on the way to Rothiemurchus. It has a nice log fire, often has live bands, and the beer is good too!

    Have fun!


    1. It is indeed! The good old Scandy, I love it. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Can I just say that anyone who horserides in a nightie deserves VERY chafed thighs.

    That is all.

  5. I'm jealous. I spent a lovely hen weekend in Aviemore in January. We managed to get skiing, take some snowy walks and sample the local nightlife (conclusion - I'm too old for this!)
    Have a fab time!

  6. We had our honeymoon in Aviemore & it was possibly the worst honeymoon ever. I'm glad to know someone has a good time there. Have fun. xx

  7. Belatedly: I love the new blog look, it's SO FANCY.

  8. Oh how glorious! We had a wonderful weekend there last month, it just wasn't long enough :) As we drove up to Cairn Gorm on the first morning the sight of Loch Morlich was just breathtaking. It was completely still and the reflection was crystal clear. Now I'm feeling all wistful at my desk. Enjoy!

  9. Have a great time! And I do expect some pictures of you being glamorous with ponies in the snow when you get back.

  10. What, the snow down south ain't enough for ya? :P Have fun.