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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, this is awkward. I don't blog more than ten words in over a week, and now I'm asking you a favour? Who the hell do I think I am? Don't I know you're busy people?

I know. But the thing is, I need you. At least, I'm hoping it's you I need, because you're my final hope. Something needs to get me off my couch and into a pair of trainers, and if the prospect of raising money for charity won't do it, if Penny's excellent running advice won't do it, if the sight of this weekend's sunshine glinting off my pale, wobbly thighs won't do it, then some good, honest public humiliation had better do it.

Otherwise I'll be dragging myself round this 5k on my hands and knees, and it won't be pretty.

I'm running the Race for Life in less than three weeks. The last time I engaged in one of these half-arsed athletic endeavours, I kept you fully informed of my progress. Every worry, every blister, every illicit pizza fantasy.

You might be wondering, then, why I didn't mention this year's race earlier. Why haven't I been updating you on my training? Where is the thrilling blow-by-blow account of my ongoing issues with my sports bra? Well, I think we can all guess the answer: I've done bugger all training. And the first third of the run is almost entirely uphill. And did I mention it's in less than three weeks? Aarrgghhh.

So I'm putting it out there - I'm doing a run. This run. And the favour I'm asking of you is this: if you happen to see me anywhere on the internet moaning or lounging or whining or eating pizza instead of trying to run up and down some hills without throwing up, I need you to give me a virtual slap in the face. I mean it. Okay? Thanks, folks. I'm counting on you.

(If you really want to up the guilt levels, you could sponsor me. It's for Cancer Research UK, so, you know. Every penny, etc. No pressure, of course. Right now, I'd rather have your encouragement than your cash. And by "encouragement", I mean VIRTUAL SLAPS IN THE FACE.)

{Pink couch by Gabe Aceves via Ruffled}

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  1. What a lovely couch! ...uh....I mean, VIRTUAL SLAP!

  2. I'm there, although I will have to use CAPITAL LETTERS to shout at you rather than exclamation marks.



  3. I'd sponsor you but I've already sponsored a bunch of people this year (I'm also volunteering at Race for Life *justifies justifies*), but I am wishing you loads and loads of luck! And giving you a virtual slap - get to it!

    1. Oh gosh honestly don't worry, I really don't expect people to sponsor me! Well done for volunteering (and thanks for th slap).

  4. If I smack you, will you smack me back the next time I hide a can of Pringles in my room for after the kids go to sleep? Because I am so far off the wagon on my diet, I don't even know where I left the keys.

  5. I am also starting a fitness regime! Fortunately I have landed in a country where it is socially acceptable for women to exercise. Unfortunately I have tendinitis in each Achilles and torn tendons in each knee (fortunately I am now in a country can now have all this fixed for free). So I am with you, hobbling along!

  6. "good, honest public humiliation"... well, I'm totally behind you (in a not running behind you way!)... go Kirsty go!!

  7. BEST of luck. BEST BEST BEST of luck. Good work! I started running a couple of months ago and I still BARELY can run 3 miles. BARELY. I mean trudging, really.