Style Me May: Week Three (The Pictorial Version)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 15: Ivy League Preppy (A Brown University t-shirt)
Day 16: See me blush
Day 17: A style icon (Twiggy)
Day 18: Colourblocking
Day 19: Dress up a t-shirt (leopard-print jeans)
Day 20: An expensive splurge (Jane Gowans Matilda ring
Day 21: Showing off my gams (heart print tights)

Some weeks I just have nothing to say.

Or, rather, I'm saying it all in 140 characters or less.

How's YOUR week going?

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  1. THAT RING - I love it. Completely beautiful. Really enjoying everyone's Style Me May - glad you're all making the effort so I don't have to :)


  2. Amazing! Day 16 and 17 are my favs! Rocking that office toilet, giving twiggy a run for her money ;-)

  3. Those tights are fab and that ring is stunning!!

    I played Brown Uni at rugby a while back... they were small and fast and we were... not so small and fast. Or preppy. We didn't have to hold our pint glasses with two hands though :)

  4. You are ridiculously adorable. I love the tights, ring, your dressed-up t-shirt! Jeez. Good work, lady.

  5. That ring is gorgeous, and I really like your t0shirt look and your Ivy League preppy look.

  6. Love your round ups. I've been a bit rubbish this month but looking forward to the book club version in June.