Reason number 97 why I love Google Analytics.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whoever found my blog by googling "guinea pig sexy outfits" has just MADE MY DAY.

Frankly, I don't know why you'd need to keep searching once you'd seen this. Job done, surely? 

Unless you mean a sexy costume for your guinea pig, in which case 1) eww and 2) might I suggest the lederhosen?

(You might also be interested to know that high-heeled flippers have recently overtaken fake ponytails as my most bizarrely prolific search term. The internet continues to amaze and confound me on a daily basis.)

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  1. Ba ha ha ha ha ha!

    PS. Surely the sailor suit is sexier??

  2. I recommend you read Apathy and Other Small Victories if you want to find out about guinea pigs in fetish wear.

    (it is actually quite a fun book and that is just a side part)

    1. Guinea pigs in fetish wear?? Brain. Cannot. Compute.

  3. Haha, that is strange yet pretty funny. I still seem to get fairly normal search terms at the moment, just a case of time I'm guessing!

    I do love Google Analytics for it's interesting insights into the world!

  4. Haha! Seriously what are some people on?!! And do they not realise that people can see what it is they have searched for?!! But more to the point what the hell have you been writing about that brings searches like that this way...?

    If anyone comes up for a situation in which you need heels on a pair on flippers please do let me know. I'm intrigued...

  5. you will wear that constume for halloween, won't you? SAY THAT YOU WILL!

  6. How very weird! And maybe even weirder that there actually is a sexy guinea pig outfit! (You know you've made their day by posting that pic too!) ;)

  7. Is it weird to be really concerned that in the photo the guinea pig tail is nowhere near the actual human bum? It just feels weird.

    In other news, this made me laugh out loud and then have to explain myself to my lab bench partner. Awkward.

    K x