Hi. I'm Kirsty

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to my little corner of the world. Settle down, maybe pour yourself a wee glass of wine, get comfy. If you have a blanket, cosy under it. If you have a slanket, I don't want to know because I am jealous.

So, I'm Kirsty. That's me and my husband Fin over there on the left. I'm a creative soul trapped in a corporate world, repelled by incorrect apostrophe usage and ugly shoes. That pretty much sums it up, but if you want the extended version, by all means read on.

So, what's with the blog? Well, I recently started to notice a bit of a trend going on among the young, bright, talented women I know (and somehow I'm lucky enough to know a lot of them). We've powered through school, university, training, job-hunting, flat-hunting, boy-hunting, engagements, weddings...  it's been exhausting, but now we've finally got it all, we can just kick back and enjoy it, right?

Er... not so much.

Turns out that being in your twenties is not all it's cracked up to be. Thought being a teenager was confusing? Thought you were under pressure when you were a student? Try setting a pattern for how you intend to live the REST of your LIFE. That is some scary biscuits. On top that I'm a newlywed figuring out what it means to be a wife in the twenty-first century (although Meg's pretty much got that covered) and figuring out how to deal with a serious illness in my family (believe me; nobody's got that covered).

So this is basically a place for me to muse about work and cancer and other Big Life Stuff. It's also somewhere I can lust after shoes, get all wistful over the wedding, inject a little creativity into my daily life, and try to figure out what exactly comes next (be warned: if you tell me babies come next, I may punch you in the face).

To hear more about why I started blogging (and frankly who wouldn't want to hear more about that), go here. Wondering about the weird name for the blog? Wonder no more!

I would love to connect with other lovely people out there who are maybe feeling kind of the same way. For more of my random ramblings follow me on Twitter, or see what's currently inspiring me over on Pinterest. I heart emails (and I ALWAYS reply), and if you leave me a comment I will love you forever. I'm serious.

Images by the lovely Lucy Stendall Photography.

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