Hi. I'm Kirsty.

I'm an occasional writer, pretend stylist and champion procrastinator. I'm also a lawyer, but let's never talk about that. I live in Edinburgh with my husbandour lovely daughter and the laziest greyhound on earth.

This blog began in 2011 as my refuge from the corporate grind. Over the years, I've used it to wax nostalgic over weddings, weasel my way into other people's creative projects, solicit opinions about hairstyles and post pictures of dogs wearing clothes. It's highbrow stuff.

I've also written, as honestly as I could, about losing my mum to cancer. It's not the most cheerful of topics, but I'm my mother's daughter so I always try to end on a high note. I like to blow off steam by writing strongly-worded letters to the owners of Topshop and to people who think it's ok to ask if we're "trying".

I like it when people laugh at something I've written, and I LOVE it when they cry. I'm not sure what this says about me.

If you're new here and aren't sure where to start, here are some of my favourite posts. You can also browse the archives by date and by topic.

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