Reasons to be cheerful, Part 3

Friday, April 26, 2013

1. I got a new (to me) phone, and with it a boatload of apps, including Piction. I'm currently using it to create hipster motivational wallpapers for myself. As you do. I've had "Chapel of Love" stuck in my head for two days because of this one. Thanks a lot, self.

2. I'm officially awesome. You can be too thanks to Jessica Hische, who is also officially awesome.

3. It's Friday. Here's what to do this weekend, if lying around in leggings drinking wine isn't good enough for you. What are you, some kind of super achiever?

4. Did I mention it's Friday?

Happy weekend, folks.


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  1. Lawyer-slash-stylist-slash-paid writer!
    Definitely awesome (and anyone who slashes with lawyering has my heartfelt admiration)

    Have an equally awesome weekend


  2. New to your blog! Have some catching up to do but LOVE it so far. is it bad that what hooked the bookmark was that your manifesto is basically the best thing since butter? Don't be a dick. Now that takes balls to post. On my blog it says dont be a punk. Thats all I could muster! ;)

    1. Definitely not bad! It's like a secret personality test. Only non-dicks welcome.

  3. Congratulations on the Emerald Street gig (Oh god I just re-read that and it sounds so awful and I have no other way of phrasing it - sorry).

    Also on being awesome. As you clearly are, I mean you have a certificate and everything (and just are)