Holiday time!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Couple in woods under blanket

Bored of holidays to gorgeous, sunny places? Tired of the same old delicious food and crystal blue waters? Sick to death of strolling hand-in-hand watching the sun set on yet another balmy, tropical evening? Yeah, I thought you probably were.

That's why, just for you, Fin and I have decided to forget all of that travelling-to-new-and-exotic-places crap and stay right here in solid, dependable Scotland. Who cares about sunshine! Sunshine is for losers! I never liked it anyway!

No, I am NOT protesting too much. I am also totally fine with the fact that I sent Fin and his friends to the supermarket to get supplies for our group trip to a cottage on the Isle of Mull and they came back 90 minutes and £160 later with nothing but booze and Doritos. Totally. Fine. With. It. (Sorry about that noise. It's just my teeth grinding.)

Our plans are pretty loose at the moment, so any suggestions for things to do in Mull and Iona are welcome. Suggestions for things to do in Mull and Iona when it's almost certainly going to be raining are actively encouraged. On the list so far: drink a lot of booze, eat a lot of Doritos, under no circumstances watch any horror films set in isolated locations.

Not on the list: the internet. This unfortunately means I'll have to cut back on my usual hectic blogging schedule (my, how times have changed), but I'm sure you'll cope.

Have a fabulous week, folks, and if you're off somewhere sunny and glamorous, well, try not to be too jealous of me. I know it will be hard. If you're very lucky, I'll bring you back a midge.

{Neenah + Andy's engagement shoot by Kristen Marie Photography in Seattle. I can't help thinking I'd feel right at home in the Pacific Northwest.}

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  1. Ha ha, men! They're like an alien species aren't they? Still, no self-respecting midge will bite you with your blood reeking of Dorrito!

  2. Have a great time. We went in March a couple of years ago and it poured, but we still had a good time. Iona Abbey is lovely, as is the beach at the place you get the ferry across to Iona.
    We bought a little booklet from the tourist information in Craignure that mentioned abandoned settlements in the middle of nowhere. I decided we should go and find one so we parked up, walked about 45 minutes into a forest then got to a slightly spooky clearing with the remains of buildings. There was also a very nice beach close by. When we returned to the car it was surrounded by sheep!

    We wanted to do a trip out to sea but didn't have time/appropriate layers of wet weather gear :)

  3. You make me laugh. And husbands who go shopping for holidays make me laugh also. Mine came back with three types of gin but no bread...

  4. You might also want to avoid trivial pursuit which nearly ended in a fist-fight when we spent a weekend last month in an isolated house with 10 friends - one of whom had totally been memorising the answers.

    And under no circumstances should you watch dog soldiers - we spent a week not leaving an idyllic lochside cottage once it got dark after mentioning that film for fear of imaginary werewolves attacking us...

  5. Alcohol and Dorritos are midge repellers, fact.

  6. Oh bless, £160 of booze and doritos... did they at least bring dips? Never been to Iona or Mull but did do a lot of rainy holidays with my Nana and Papa when little – so my suggestions (based on those experiences) are drink tea, eat cake, play dominoes... and get yourself a fuzzy felt set! Not sure I'm helping... on the plus side, no work for a while! :)

  7. Happy holidays Kirsty! Mull sounds lovely, look forward to hearing about it.

  8. Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, walks, good books, WHISKY.

    Good coffee and bacon rolls for breakfast non-optional.

  9. Oh you make me laugh, dear daughter!I can just picture the shopping experience - this is why I get Sainsbury's to deliver my shopping since I can't drive - your Dad would probably come back with Party Rings and sausage rolls! Sure you will have an adventure or two - but agree, no horror films. xx

  10. Oh dear. I hope you have fun and maybe you could put salsa on the doritos and cheese and call it food? This is a very funny post. I hope there are lots of adventures and no horror films!

  11. You must be exaggerating - unless they also filled up on petrol/diesel.

    Mull and Iona are AMAZEBALLS. My best holiday was in a cottage in Fionnphort in 2010. Booze. Meat. Sunsets. Rainbows. Eagles. More booze. Real fires. Castles. Proper weather, 6 different seasons a day. Highland cow traffic jams. I blooming love Mull!

    1. I SWEAR TO GOD. Okay fine, full disclosure: they also bought a box of Coco Pops and some Bombay Mix. But that's it!

  12. When we went on honeymoon to Northumberland it rained the WHOLE FREAKIN' WEEK. I spent the entire time muttering under my breath about how I loved the rain, yeah man, sunshine is sooo overhyped and bad for my poor old Celtic skin anyway...

    It was wicked, though, nevertheless. Hope you have an awesome time.

  13. To be honest, it's been so hot here the last few days that Mull would be a nice change of pace. Based on our excursion to Seattle in April, I think you would do well there indeed - your bearded cousin maintains that it's the best climatological fit for those of us from cold northern climes, it's certainly wet and windy enough.

  14. Come to Seattle! It is like Scotland but with slightly more sun!