International Women's Day, Take 2

Friday, March 02, 2012

Next Thursday, the 8th of March, is International Women's Day. On that day last year, Any Other Woman ran a series called "In Her Own Words: In Celebration of International Women's Day 2011", a series created to share and celebrate the experiences of women from many walks of life. All day on 8 March 2011, Any Other Woman featured posts written by a collective of intelligent, passionate and opinionated women bloggers from the United States and the United Kingdom. And, er, me.

At the time it was amazing to feel part of an international movement of women (read my reflections on the experience here) and I can scarcely believe it's been nearly a whole year. I'm starting to sense the build up to this year's event already - you can follow their updates on twitter and facebook - so for those of you who are new around here and maybe missed it last year (hi!), I thought I'd remind you that you can read my own International Women's Day post from last year right here.

Next week is going to be a huge week for AOW so keep your eyes peeled for something very special on the 8th of March.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps.

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  1. Firstly you write so beautifully.

    Secondly, this is a great post. It really *is* easy to brush off comments (or looks) as 'older generation thinking', but that just isn't the case.

    (your graduation photo makes me extremely happy, btw)

  2. Loved it the first time, loved it the second time.


  3. I love this post. I can't wait for the next edition. I also can't wait to see AOW's new blog. So much excitement in just one week!

  4. This is indeed a brilliant post. I'm a trainee too, in the Scottish Government, and the funny thing there is that it's a female-dominated office. Of the twelve trainees we have at the moment there are two guys, and the upper echelons of the organisation are also full of women. I often wonder if that's because the workplace is generally very open to part-time, flexible working arrangements - there's absolutely no stigma deployed against those (men and women) who choose to work less than the standard 5 day week whether that's for childcare reasons or not. I'm not sure if the same attitude prevails in private practice - I'm sure it does in some firms but perhaps not in others.

    Either way, completely agree with your points, and your powers of perception on those bloody "I DARE you to hold me for more than five seconds" teacups are hilariously accurate!

  5. I still love what you wrote last year, but oh gosh, the photo of you at your graduation. That will be me. In Bute Hall. In less than four months. Oh crap.

    I'm going into a mainly female profession (teaching English at secondary school) but because I'm so small and look so young, I'm already prepared to defend myself against comments that relate more to my femininity or perceived youth and inexperience.

    Having said that, I'm incredibly grateful to live in a country where I am allowed to continue my education, and help other young women to do the same AS MY CAREER.

    Preach it, sister. (I couldn't help it...)

  6. Love this post! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  7. AOW organising of Women's Day last year was indeed fantastic. I enjoyed reflecting on it as I prepared my post for this year. Did you buy flowers for yourself last year?

  8. I love this post. I did not read it at the time so am so glad you reposted it.