Summer Love-In: The Last Summer

Monday, June 27, 2011

Right back at the start of the Summer Love-In, I knew that I wanted to share posts written not just by established bloggers who could knock out a stellar post in ten seconds flat, but also by my fabulous readers, who have stuck with me for the last 100 posts and hopefully will continue to do so for a few [hundred] more. 

The lovely Linsey is slap bang in between the two; she is one of my most loyal readers and commenters, and is also just starting out on on her own blogging journey with her blog Boredzilla. Plus she has a PhD, AND she works in television, both of which make her kind of awesome and deserving of your very warmest welcome. Take it away, Linsey...

When I got an email from Kirsty asking if I would write a guest post I was quite intimidated – the other people doing these posts have brilliant blogs and write really thought-provoking posts. I recently blogged about baked potatoes, not very thought provoking! I’m sure the posts so far will have been brilliant (obviously I’m writing this before they’ve been published) and given lots of different takes on the theme. [True and true.]

The theme of summer is not one I’m very familiar with, living in Glasgow – the land of eternal rain. So I’m writing this post about one of my best summers ever. 

This was the summer before I moved away from my slightly drier home town to Glasgow. I was moving to do a PhD, which both excited and scared me lots. Turns out it was neither particularly exciting nor scary but you live and learn!

I was newly single, had a very random job driving around Scotland and a whole summer of no study, with my move planned for September. The best word to describe it is fun. A summer spent with friends and family and generally making the most of what will probably be the last time I ever live in my home town, where I’d grown up and where almost all my family live.

I still remember the feeling of anticipation and excitement about what was to come, tinged with a bit of sadness about leaving. And the soundtrack to it all was a song which instantly takes me back to that time ‘Last Summer’ by Lostprophets. Every time I hear it I smile and sing along, thinking about happy memories.

I’m getting married at the end of the year and have made me feel quite old and grown up, which is probably what’s sparked this reminiscence. I’m hoping my last unmarried summer will have as many memories.

Now I just need a soundtrack…

[Any suggestions?]

All the beautiful images of Glasgow, NOT RAINING, are by Peonies and Polaroids (of course)

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  1. Yay it looks brilliant, thanks for waving your a safe mooring wand over it! PS having a PhD and working in TV do not make me any kind of awesome, just a massive science geek! BBC4 series about decomposition anyone?? :)


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