Wednesday, November 05, 2014

...why I shouldn't buy Smidgen this jumper for her birthday.

I mean, LOOK AT IT. And you know Smidgen would wear it better than some terrier.

Whatever, Buster. You're no sighthound, and you know it.

There are, actually, a few good reasons why I shouldn't buy Smidgen this jumper for her birthday. 1) It's £46. 2) It's £46. 3) She will almost definitely roll around in the rotting carcass of a seagull within minutes of putting it on. Even if we're inside. She ALWAYS FINDS A WAY. 4) It's £46.

But hey, a girl can dream. And anyway, it had been far too long since we had a dog wearing clothes around here.

Did anyone see any good doggy Halloween costumes this year? Remember these guys? Never not funny.


Smidgen's third birthday (in which she wears a hat)
Smidgen's fourth birthday plus a lot of random facts.

Images via Houndworthy

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  1. I love it so much. Almost enough to buy it for Smidgen myself, but I could buy a dress with that money so probably will do that instead.

  2. Your dog and my daughter have a lot in common.

    Is it weird that 21 months down the line saying "my daughter" still feels strange?! I feel like some sort of impostor and someday soon someone is going to swoop down and tell me that these aren't, in fact, my children and I should stop telling people that right now.

    I'm on a lot of Lemsip this morning. Apologies for the randomness.

  3. What I learned from Kirsty today: dog outfits are expensive (it's 46 QUID FOR CRYING OUT LOUD).