Things I've Been Obsessing Over

Friday, December 27, 2013

Full title: Things I've Been Obsessing Over Instead of Worrying About Actual Problems Or Contemplating the Incontrovertible Truth That Everyone I Love Is Going to Be Dead One Day.

Because distraction is the best policy, right?

1. My coat

It's my 30th birthday today (see how I dropped that in there? So subtle), so in honour of the occasion I've decided it's time to treat myself to a grown-up winter coat. This is the third winter for my trusty Topshop duffel coat, and while I still love it with a fiery passion, it doesn't really say "professional person and grown-ass lady." I'm pretty sure a client thought I was a messenger the other day until I spouted off some incredibly boring piece of legalese and they realised, no, I was just a lawyer in students' clothing.

I had initially toyed with the idea of a leather jacket, and was sorely tempted by this handmade one from Etsy, but realistically I wouldn't wear it until spring and that's too long to wait, dammit. Then I thought a classic camel would be a smart choice, but it turns out classic camel coats are difficult to come by. Plus I'm not convinced that camel is my colour. (I have genuinely been obsessing over this, in case you can't tell.)

So we arrive at option 3: a classy but stylish grey overcoat. Simple, chic, goes with everything. After a pinning spree - I mean a serious, weeks-long pinning spree - I concluded that the perfect coat simply does not exist in the UK. To meet my highly specific requirements, I had to cast a wider net. Finally, I've narrowed the choices down to two almost-but-not-quite-identical coats.

1. Comptoir des Cotonniers, £300 £210 | 2. Somemoment, €273 (new stock due in January)

The first one has a silky soft leather collar, which gives it a cool edge and satisfies my leather jacket cravings. It's also French, for bonus points. The second one has a more interesting texture and I love the stylised lapels. They're both nice! They're both more expensive than any other coat I've ever bought before! WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE?

2. My Party

I have no qualms about turning 30, and I'm grateful to be able to spend today with my family, but with my mum's health deteriorating, and some of my dearest friends out of party action for reasons both good and bad, I knew this birthday was never going to be the wild celebration that I might have imagined.

However, in a moment of crippling self-pity, I decided that I was entitled to bit of birthday cheer and I was just going to have to make it happen myself. Which is why, tomorrow, I will find myself entertaining 27 people and 2 children (I suppose the children are technically people too) in our very tiny flat. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

No, it IS a good idea, it just involves slightly more advance planning than I had initially anticipated. Particularly since I spent an embarrassing amount of time devising a Betty-Draper-meets-vintage-Scandinavian-Christmas theme. Did I make a Pinterest board? You're damn right I did. Of course, in reality, the only evidence of this party theme will be inside my own head, since Betty Draper was unavailable and I don't live in Sweden, but that's beside the point. At least my invitations are on message:

Because this gathering is taking place immediately after four days of not being at home, not being able to shop and not being able to fit anything in the fridge, it is proving a bit tricky to cater. Undeterred, I have made several dozen different lists and I'm feeling confident. Ish. As long as there are ample quantities of rum-spiked mulled cider, people won't really care what I feed them, is my theory.

Might need to make a few more lists, just in case.

3. My Man

Okay, he's not my man. But he is *a* man. Nay, he is THE man. 

Five days to go, people. He's coming back.


Images of the glammy lady: Barefoot Blonde

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  1. Firstly, happy birthday. I'm glad you're doing something, and I am only sorry that I can't come round and help you prep your Betty Draper-who-is-of-Nordic-stock (so your theme isn't bollocks at all) styled shindig.

    I vote for coat number 1. I once bought a grey coat like number 2 and discovered that it actually didn't match much in my wardrobe. Coat number 1 will go with everything, and you'll look great in the double breasted style.

    Sherlock is the man. Can't wait for the 1st either.

    1. Oh oh I forgot to say! I just saw The Railway Man and I recognise tiny bits of your old neighbourhood :)

    2. Yes! My Pinterest board is actually called "My People Are Nordic", after one of Betty's best lines. That is some niche Mad Men knowledge, I love it.

    3. We are so profoundly sad.

  2. Hapy birthday lovely lady. I'm also on the hunt for a winter coat. Whistles has some sneaky sontenders if you're still looking.

    Hope you have a great birthday. Sounds like you deserve some cheer :)

  3. First, happy birthday! I hope that 30 is an excellent for you as it was for me.

    Second, I really like coat number one. Number two is nice too, but I love number one.

    Third, benedict Cumberbatch was in my town Monday night. In my little town. Unfortunately (thankfully?) I was already drinking wine and wrapping gifts in my jammies when I found out, so I didn't attempt to go out and spot him.

  4. I have baked you a cake! And it's not lemon. xx

  5. I say go the first coat too, for the reasons Moz said, but also because Comptoir des Cotonniers (sp?) is one of my favourite Parisienne shops (cos you know, I am a world traveller and fashionista with Favourite Parisienne Shops) and the few items I own from there are very good quality and have become staples.

  6. I prefer the second coat. In fact Madame with this tweedy boyfriend coat you are really tempting us! (Although my Comptoir coat (bought last year in the sale) is brilliant, hardwearing, smart and toasty, and still deserves pride of place on my back. And there are plenty of Comptoirs in Britain, so you could try it on before deciding!).

    If you host 29 people (including children) there will be 30 of you for your 30th! This pleases me. Have a wonderful time and most importantly, happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday! Good to know I'm not alone in devising grand party themes that really exist only in my head and pinterest. :)

    As for the coat, something to think about is the deeper v-neck on the second one. You'll have to wear a scarf to tuck down in there to cover any potentially exposed skin, whereas the first coat buttons up high enough to make a scarf optional.

  8. I never got the whole Sherlock thing until this week. Everyone's been so hyped up about his return, so I decided to give the first episode of the first series a quick look on Netflix. I've now racked up 7.5hrs of Sherlock viewing in two days and am nearly at the end of the second series. I think I'm Benedicted!

    PS: First time commenter but really enjoy the blog. Hope you had a fabulous birthday and settled on the right coat for you (my vote would be number 1!).


    1. High five for that Sherlock pun. Love it.

      I've ordered the first coat, so I'll let everyone know how it goes!

  9. SHERLOCK! Beautiful, beautiful, wonderful man.

    Happy belated birthday! I hope the season brought you many wonderful distractions.