Friday, June 07, 2013

Aren't these illustrations of Edinburgh so sweet? I love them. They're by local illustrator and all-round superhero Eilidh Muldoon, aka Muldoodles. Eilidh is from North Berwick, same as me. I've known her family for a long time, and I can confidently say that the last year for them has been one of the most spectacularly crap-tastic years ever.

But instead of crumbling in the face of the gigantic pile of bollocks the world has thrown at her, Eilidh has only gone and got a bloody distinction in her MFA from Edinburgh College of Art! BOOM! In your FACE, world!
Her lovely work can be seen in person at the ECA Degree Show until Sunday, or you can have a good nosy around on her website and blog. Eilidh is available for all sorts of commissions, including logos and branding if anyone's in the market for a new blog header or shop design. She also draws custom house portraits - best housewarming present ever? I think so.

I don't normally do this kind of post, but I'm just thrilled to bits for Eilidh. PLUS the girl is clearly crazy talented, and it's Friday, and who doesn't like a bit of eye candy on a Friday? Nobody, that's who.

Happy weekend, folks.

All illustrations by Muldoodles.


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  1. These are brilliant. A house drawing was an idea I'd had for a Christmas present for my very hard to buy for in laws and I love these ones.
    Was just thinking about our visit to the Edinburgh degree show last year, am going to the glasgow one next week but sadly no fancy preview :(

    1. No wine?? Unthinkable! I was thinking about it too, hoping to nip along at lunchtime to see this year's.

  2. These are beautiful. I love the style and the colours and everything.

    Our degree shows start next week. It is really worth going to your local degree shows wherever you are!

  3. Love these, and WELL DONE ON THE DISTINCTION (to your friend, obvs, not you) x

  4. A wonderful, talented lady. Eilidh will go far and be a massive s star - tho she is already to us.

  5. These are so so beautiful :) She should travel and paint the world!

  6. How gorgeous! Congratulations, Eilidh!

  7. Thank you Kirsty! Shucks, I've come over all embarrassed (but very pleased) :-) xxx

  8. Thanks for sharing! I like reading posts about something different sometimes, and these illustrations are great! It's always great to see a creative person succeed! :)

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