Thursday, September 13, 2012

We moved out of our flat yesterday, into a temporary place while we wait for our new lease to come through. The days leading up to this one have been horribly, overwhelmingly busy, culminating in me sobbing over the phone to a bemused letting agent five minutes before we were supposed to hand our keys in. We finally closed the door on our flat nine miserable hours later.

But then I saw these photos, and they made everything better. 

The bride is my friend Anna (the bouquet thief), and the photographer is my friend Lauren. The wedding was a couple of weeks ago in Nairn, and it was a truly excellent day. 

I could really do with more days like that, and fewer days like yesterday. Here's to new beginnings.

{Images from the sneak preview of Anna and Brian's wedding over on Lauren's blog. I would strongly urge you to click through, if only to see The Most Amazing Wedding Shoes Ever.}

Update: The comments don't seem to be working. I have no idea why. So just imagine there are lots of nice comments, ok? And if you *really* want to say something, you can always tweet me or email me. Mwah.

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